On the Trail and Four More Days To Go

“What’s that? Me tired? I can campaign harder now than I did in my 20s! Obama-Biden 08!

Here’s a round up of photos, of Barack and Bill in Florida “feelin’ it” and Michelle hitting Las Vegas, NV, North Carolina and Colorado in two days.

“And people kept asking me, ‘How much do you support this guy?’ I swear, I support him this much!”

Why yes! I do feel pretty and confident in my navy suit and matching flower pins! Thank you for asking! And I get to wear heels today in Raleigh! I swear, the minute this election is over — nothing but stilettos from here on out!”

“Fight the power! (Unless my husband gets elected then it’s ‘love the power! The power is your best friend!’)”

8 thoughts on “On the Trail and Four More Days To Go

  1. It was good finally seeing Clinton (“I ain’t mad at ya”) on stage with Obama. Bubba was back to his old form and really seemed to enjoy the moment. Every day I feel differently about this campaign. Sometimes I kinda think Obama’s going to win, then I start having my doubts again. He looks so presidential cupping his ear to listen as he gets onto the plane that I can literally see him as Commander-In-Chief. He’s got to be the one, I can’t see McCain as president. Are there any good witches around who can predict the future? I guess I’ll have to wait til Tuesday.

  2. I think Bill got a little worried lately walking on his way to his office up in Harlem.Too many coloreds giving him the gas-face…He figured he needed to come correct right about now.

  3. Bill thought Hillary was going to get in. Then he could have all the fun of being president without the work. When Barack put a wrench in those plans he was upset.Now he feels that spotlight fading a little. You know after Barack takes the White House Bill is no longer the HNIC.

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