McCain to Appear on SNL This Weekend

Hey! I didn’t know New York was a battleground state!

From Gawker:

Senator John McCain will appear on the popular “sketch comedy” television program Saturday Night Live this weekend. McCain hosted the show in 2002, so he’s no stranger to their fun-loving antics. The only difference is that this time out, McCain is, we’re told, running for president, and the election is on Tuesday. So, sure, hanging out in New York City sounds good, why not. Barack Obama was rumored to be considering an appearance too, but it seems like he might spend the weekend before the election campaigning in swing states?

Personally, I would be obsessively hitting western Pennsylvania and Ohio trying to flip those states in my direction, not chatting it up with Lorne Michaels and Seth Myers, but I’m not going to tell McMaverick how to do his McMavericking. He’s obviously a professional at pulling jack moves. And since the Obama Campaign has decided to show NO MERCY and start airing ads in Georgia, North Dakota and McCain’s own backyard of Arizona, it’s Murderball out there, people! Make your own rules!

That said, what is SNL going to do with this election is over? The race for Commander-In-Chief of What Bush Broke will be dunzo in a matter of days. They’ll have to go back to relying on Paris Hilton and Laser Cats — and maybe it’s my ovaries, but I don’t find Laser Cats funny at all.

6 thoughts on “McCain to Appear on SNL This Weekend

  1. Only he would further make himself the butt of campaign jokes by going on a comedy show two days before the election.Is that supposed to swing some of the newly registered hippsters over to his side?Newly registered hippsters watch the Daily Show.

  2. That’s a waste of his time – he is already behind in the polls. I doubt undecided folks will see him on the show and realize he is the best suited for the presidency – perhaps he is jealous of Palin’s antics on the show?

  3. The still of Johnny Mac you have is from a skit in which he is actually funny; still, I don’t know why he would risk going on SNL the weekend before the election. Maybe he is hoping the magic will work again, like it worked for Palin.And no; it isn’t your ovaries, Laser Cats sucks, and so will SNL after the election. All of the good writers are gone now (especially since Fey and now Polher are gone).

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