Happy Halloween From Glitter and Chuckles!

“Glitter and Chuckles” are my new pet names for Honeymooners Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. I’ve never seen two people take THIS many pictures of themselves in little outfits with cakes or cookies or theme park characters in costume. Everyday is picture day at Sears and Hazelwood Day at Six Flags Over Mid-America for these people.* Gotta love ’em.

*Inside joke: Back in the high school in the 90s every teen sweetheart couple went to Sears to have pictures taken together, often in matching outfits, which they then wore to “Hazelwood Day” aka “Six Flags Day” in St. Louis. I went to Hazelwood Central High School, the largest school in the Hazelwood district, one of the largest school districts in the state of Missouri. What I’m saying is, Nick and Mariah are totally high school, but that’s OK. Mariah still doodles rainbows and butterflies on everything and is probably really into Lisa Frank.

Oh, and I like how Mariah is rocking the black man’s cookies! Famous Amos!

9 thoughts on “Happy Halloween From Glitter and Chuckles!

  1. That’s usually a bad sign when a couple is starving for attention in this way. Evidence Exhibit A: Hogan knows Best. If you need more proof, take a look at all the broken marriages that reality shows have caused. Loving each other ain’t enough for them. They must force the rest of us to witness their smooching and cutesy outfits, until they’re bored and tired of looking at each other. I give them 2 years or less.

  2. instead of her usually being dressed as a rainbow, a slutty unicorn or a slutty hello kitty, mariah chooses thr fireman get up…but atleast it’s slutty…

  3. Mariah usually dresses like she’s workin’ the corner. But I can’t believe her “husband” is parading her corner-workin’ behind around in public. I must be missing something.LOL @ “Chuckles”!

  4. Only Mariah would make two costume changes to a darn Halloween party. And only she can make a firefighter costume look festishly slutty.She’s too old for this now. The novelty of wearing the shortest and skankiest thing has worn off. Tommy is not paying attention to you anymore chile. Put some clothes on!

  5. Ok, I never, ever, ever, ever took any posed photos with any sweetheart at any time, ever (well, outside of prom/ball/dance photos). Thats just too tacky and trite for the Lollster.L

  6. Though this post is old, I had to respond to two things you mentioned.I graduated from high school in 2007 so I can speak for the New Millenium high schoolers when I say that couples still dress in matching colors and go take pictures and then pass around the proofs during class. Their babies are in the pics too if they have any. There are a few differences though…couples shots are taken at Wal-Mart, senior portraits at Sears. And we don’t do the matching shirts anymore, but I do remember the phenomenon quite well from an aunt, many cousins, and baby sitters who came of age in the ’90s.The other thing I wanted to say was re Glitter still being into Lisa Frank: bwahahahaha! I loved Lisa Frank in third grade…such colorful, pretty insubstantial fluff…very Mariah!

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