Chris Matthews Searches and Finds His Inner “Negro Lament”

After the “O-mercial” Wednesday night, Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews sat down and had a little chat about it. After calling it effective and romantic Matthews, suddenly, as if reading from some stage play entitled “A Black Man’s Lament,” went into a lengthy rant how Barack Obama and the Obamas as a family have done EVERYTHING America has ever said black people needed to do, yet, some whites were still recalcitrant in accepting Obama, maybe more interested in forever moving the racial acceptance goal posts on “what a brotha has to do to be your new black BFF.”

Chris, apparently, so moved by the O-mercial, can’t take it anymore. If you still think Barack Obama isn’t American enough why … why … why … Chris Matthews doesn’t like you very much right now. As I said to a friend, “Chris has converted suddenly from Catholicism to Negroism … Like he went ‘THAT’S IT! I’ve gone black and I’m NEVER GOING BACK! Bring on the chittlins!‘”

(What’s an Irish brotha gotta do to get you to vote for Obama rant begins at 2:50 on the video clip.)

11 thoughts on “Chris Matthews Searches and Finds His Inner “Negro Lament”

  1. I watched this Wednesday night and was floored (in a good way) by his rant. He came out and said what several of my (lily white) in-laws have hinted at: the Obamas are a model family, and people are still mistrustful? I had a DMX flashback while watching: “Whatchall really want from a nigga? SOMEBODY LET ME KNOW!!!”

  2. The Divine Miss M: I watch Chris with my jaw slacked. It’s rare to hear white people talk like that. It’s like seeing a cat groom a hamster. You’re all, “Shouldn’t you be eating that? Why are you emphasizing with it?”It was like Chris was taking it as a personal slight. I half expected him to say, “On behalf of all Colored folk and myself, we are OFFENDED! Pass the hog maws, please.”

  3. Snob, I’m a big fan of Matthews and he has given that wonderful speech several times this year, with a little more passion this time. Many, many years ago, Matthews used to work for President Carter and then he got persuaded by the Dark Side of the Force and he hitched his wagon to the Repubs. I don’t know if he’s seen the Light, but he’s definitely supporting Obama and I’m happy about that.

  4. saw this live, and said to myselfoh no he didnton no he didnt just ask THE question…just what else do you WANT from a Black man before you’ll vote for him?i was like, damnpreach, tweety!

  5. Another well-phrased, poignant, impassioned diatribe from Chris Matthews on race relations and the Obama candidacy…Now, everybody here knows it’s the truth, but i’m a little concerned about the efficacy Chris Matthews’ of his approach. What you gotta understand about white people is that (1) the Civil Rights movement did an absolutely brilliant, unbelievable, phenomenal job in the 50s thru 70s of turning “racist” into the worst thing you can call somebody in America, and (2) the opportunistic exploits of a few clowns, especially in the 80s and 90s have left white people (conservatives especially) *very* sensitive about any implication that they might be prejudiced or racist or that racism even still exists…While I totally agree with Chris Matthews, he might actually lose Obama some votes if people feel they are being brow-beaten. I think a better approach (strictly in terms of effectiveness) would have been to simply point out all the positives about Obama as a loving family man and provider and just let that sink it with the doubters…

  6. I wanted to post a clever comment about how awesome your blog is, and how you are one of my google reader mainstays, and how posts like this make me laugh really hard and then kinda feel sad at the same time. I couldn’t really think of any clever way to phrase it though, so there ya go.

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