The Good, the Bad and the Absurd, Pt. 4: The Junk Drawer

When I wrote that people would put Barack Obama’s face on anything for a buck I was not kidding. While these political Cabbage Patch dolls may be expensive, they still belong in the dustbin of political pieces of crap. Just like these following items sent to me by various readers. (Thanks C. Overkill again, who sent a few of these my way!)

There’s an equally ugly (if not uglier) McCain doll so don’t really stress over this thing.

14 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Absurd, Pt. 4: The Junk Drawer

  1. What a coincidence, I was not long ago thinking about how ugly Cabbage Patch Dolls were/are and here they are again LOL

  2. John McCain makes the CREEPIEST Cabbage Patch doll EVER…why does it look like he has on blue eye shadow?!

  3. I LOVED CP kids when I was growing up. Those are AWESOME. Do you think Palin’s upset her calves look so thick on her CPK likeness?? She should probably shoot out a cabbage patch from the sky to prevent overpopulation.

  4. Lighten up people!When I was in Denver I was amazed at how many items were Obamasized. It actually is one of the reasons I switched over to Barack (I went as a Hillary state delegate). I figured if all of these people were buying his face on ANYTHING then the people were truly inspired and just wanted a piece of him. It was actually pretty inspiring. When was the last time anybody bought something with a black man that did not depict a ball or gold chains and saggy pants?Besides, you won’t be moaning 50yrs from now on Antique Roadshow.

  5. I actually think the Obama earrings are pretty cute. I’d wear a pair.I grew up with Cabbage Patch dolls. They’re adorable. I agree with D Washigton, the fact that everyone has gone Obama stir crazy rocks. Not ever in my 28 years have I seen or heard of any hoopla surrounding a Prez Candidate like this.

  6. I’m aiting until after the election to get one of those punching bags on clearance at Borders. What I really can’t stand are the election related greeting cards. Such an extreme waste of paper!

  7. Hey! I actually like the CP dolls. Except for the John McCain one. How they could make a Cabbage Patch doll look old is beyond me.

  8. That doll also looks nothing particularly like McCain. It just looks like Generic Old White Guy. They could have at least given it the creepy teeth-baring “smile” or lowered its arms a bit.

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