Sign of the Times: Racists for Obama

Does this count as a sign of progress?

From Gawker:

This is the hot new trend of late October: openly racist white people for Obama! It began with random tales of canvassers talking to voters who plainly said they were “voting for nigger.” Now, this kind of amazing photo of a home in Indiana with an Obama sign and a Confederate Flag has been making the rounds in the Tumblrverse. There are more illustrative anecdotes below!

Politico’s Ben Smith wrote a story rounding up the stories of voters who “wouldn’t want a mixed race marriage” for their children but are still voting for Obama. It featured this awesome Paul Begala quote:

“If you go to a white neighborhood in the suburbs and ask them, ‘How would you feel about a large black man kicking your door in,’ they would say, ‘That doesn’t sound good to me,’” said Democratic political consultant Paul Begala. “But if you say, ‘Your house is on fire, and the firefighter happens to be black,’ it’s a different situation.”

I’m not going to start singing “We Are the World” yet, but if this is the election that brings folks back to voting their interests and not on race or cultural controversies that’ll be worth several attaboys alone.

14 thoughts on “Sign of the Times: Racists for Obama

  1. Well, Snob, when I see an Obama campaign sign on the lawn of the local KKK chapter, then I’ll assume we’ve made some progress. It’s the “reverse Bradley effect” that Bill Maher was talking about.

  2. I’m an Indiana native and I’ve lived in Indianapolis for nearly seven years. Martinsville is on the road from Indianapolis to Bloomington (Indiana University), and it’s just a given that black folks don’t stop when driving past Martinsville. Seeing something like this is encouraging. A little disturbing, sure, but encouraging nonetheless.

  3. To McCain: You know you’re bad when Caucasian racists are voting for the exotic Negro.They said it was the Independants that would decide the race. What does it say when usual conservative voters are going for Obama? I guess colored folks are better than airheaded white women after all. They’re saying McCain isnt running his campaign anymore. Well if he isnt then who is? Palin just swears and is very serious in thinking she’s a shoo-in for Prez in 2012. Republicans are whining and moaning about the level of money that Obama is spending. Hasn’t it always been the Republicans that always have more spending flow than the Dems? And NOW they’re bitching?Obama isn’t pulling money out of his ears. Its been donated. By the millions of folks whom have taken to this man.I cannot wait until next week. When all of this will be over. And hopefully, I’ll never have to hear that annoying voice of Palin again.

  4. @The Divine Miss M:I went to Indiana Univ. and the first thing that I thought when I saw this sign was “is that Martinsville?” It’s sad that race is still an issue…

  5. actually, though most people automatically associate the confederate flag with racism, it’s history is really aligned with state rights – though that too would make me surprised, that someone in favor of staterights would support a “socialist” like obama. i’d like to think that some folks aren’t as dumb as they appear 🙂

  6. well, i have noticed in the past few weeks, the folks who regularly fly a confederate flag, down the street from my office, have taken it down. i’ll be on the look out for obama signs on the lawn in the next few days.

  7. Everybody loves a conspiracy, I guess. There was a follow up on politico or huffpo that the husband is the one flying the confederate flag and the wife is the former republican turned democrat and now obama supporter/volunteer. She’s the one who put up the sign….and they say a house divided cannot stand.

  8. You got that right about a house divided. I don’t know how Whoopie and the others put up with Hasselbeck on The View. Here’s another saying: “Can two walk together unless they agree?”

  9. I, for one, freakin’ hate the notion that people have a right to fly the Confederate flag. There’s explicit mention in the Constitution that you’re disqualified from all kinds of rights for participating in a rebellion, that was what the Union won in the Civil War. But if we were at a place where it wasn’t just Obama getting elected but substantial changes happening to our political system and distribution of power in our society, you can fly whatever flag you like.

  10. Can we just stop trying to justify and explain away the REAL meaning of the Confederate flag for all you apologists and revisionists. States’ rights had to do with white people wanting to continue making their living by ENSLAVING Black people. That’s why they wanted to leave the Union and break the country apart. Civl War = Rich White People wanting to keep slavery going. OKAY!!! End of story.

  11. Lover of Jazz, you might want to listen more carefully. Paul Begala was talking about how the same action can be viewed differently in different situations. If you simply tell a white racist (or anyone, for that matter) that a big black man is going to kick his front door down, he won’t like the idea. But if you tell the person that his house is on fire and a firefighter (who happens to be a big black man) kicks your front door down in order to fight the fire and save your house, then suddenly you welcome the big black man. Therein lies the analogy re Obama and desperate times.

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