The Good, the Bad and the Absurd, Pt. 3: Fashioning the Obama Brand

Bonobos’ “Obama” trouser: not available at any Gap Inc. or Banana Republic near you.

Out of all the art and weirdness and love and creativity the Obama campaign has inspired it has also stirred the interests of many designers/capitalists who know a good thing (and brand name) when they hear it.

(And “Obama” is so money he doesn’t even know it.)

Here are some of the best “Brand Obama” finds that have made their way to my inbox.

The folks at Bonobos created two pairs of political pants — the Obama and the McCain. Both going for $120, the creators slyly shrugged that they had no idea why they almost instantly sold out of the Obamas and still have plenty of McCains kicking around. They meant to stop making Obamas, but … money talks, everything else walks. Bonobos is relaunching the Obama with a new “Hawaiian bandana” liner celebrating the candidate’s home state.

From the description:

The Obamas target our charismatic customers – the magnificent Hawaii-themed floral liner screams open-minded, well-traveled, gregarious. In contrast, the McCains offer this highly desired navy trouser with a quietly confident subtle finish.

Smooth brushed cotton navy trousers? You don’t need much help here, but we wear them with brown loafers and belts, and we pair them with pink, white, light blue, yellow and just about any other light shade of polo or oxford shirt. It’s easy to look good in our midnight blues…

The McCains have a more conservative stripped liner and look. Personally, I liked both styles of pants, but preferred the McCains simply because I love a guy in simple, yet preppy pants. (Thanks to reader Dorothy for the tip!)

Need something to wear with you snazzy Obamas (or McCains, because … c’mon. Bonobos makes some nice men’s casual pants), these folks in the silkscreen necktie business have the answer.

Yes. It is the necktie version of Shepard Fairey’s now iconic red and blue portrait of Obama, a new take on what you father would call a “power tie.”

But if you don’t feel like rocking the Fairey, don’t worry. These designers have your necks.

Created by Lineology, these hand screened ties feature Obama’s face on designer brands like Perry Ellis and Hugo Boss. It’s the mix of punk’s DIY with Obama’s potential POTUS. Classy. Available through Etsy all the Obama ties are $5 to $10 off!

Need a dogtag necklace that says you’re not only voting for change but YOU ARE CHANGE? Boy has Jeweler Melinda Maria got the chain for you. For the necklace with Obama’s visage, click here. For the one with Obama’s campaign symbol, click here.

And this one I’ve run before but love because of the sheer ridiculousness: Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s creation unveiled during Paris Fashion Week this year. It is part of the “JC in the Sky with Diamonds” collection.

Feeling a little Obama 08 pride? How about some Obama 08 bling? It won’t match Jean-Charles de Castelbajac “I have a dream” dress, but you probably can’t afford that one anyway. The item can be found on Etsy, but don’t ask me where. TrendHunter Magazine is not very forthcoming in its blog postings, but Fake Obama Girl here is more than happy to show off the wares.

5 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Absurd, Pt. 3: Fashioning the Obama Brand

  1. Yeah, baby, yeah, bring back the silk pictorial shirts. The ones that looked like they were designed by acidheads. I like the Obama neckties, that’s change I can use. I don’t get those “Hobo” pants, though. Who’s going to see the inside liner other than your ladyfriend?

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