Obama Returns to The Daily Show

He’ll be coming on via satellite with Jon Stewart after his 30 minute “closing statement” airs on all three networks Wednesday in Obama’s continuing full-frontal, I have more campaign dollars than God McCain slapdown.

As usual, the opposition is murmuring nothing but sour grapes and lime flavored haterade and Obama’s all, “What? Say what? Huh? I … I … I can’t hear you from on top of all this money! I’m sorry! Can you send it in an email? Wait! You don’t know how to email, do you, John? Can you text me? No? Can you Twitter? Do you Plurk? A little Facebook? Nothing? What’s that? I’m sorry, man. We don’t do Morse Code anymore, although my youth campaign advisor did develop a tight pop-n-lock routine called the Morse Code once. Everybody’s doing it! Just like … everyone’s voting for me! What a coincidence? OBAMA-BIDEN ’08!

This will be Obama’s fourth appearance on The Daily Show.

8 thoughts on “Obama Returns to The Daily Show

  1. LOL! “I can’t hear you from on top all this money”….ROFLMAO – and I never use that….great post snob. Don’t the haters ever get tired of “Obama’s ad could backfire – too confident or risky? Who does that negro think he is??!!” -STFU!!!

  2. I swear the Republicans remined me of a group of angry rappers vs Obama rap group who happen to on top right now. I have no doubt the Republicans plan on stilling the election on Tuesday. People better vote!

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