New Obama Ad Slams Palin Pick

I like how they went with the debate footage that made Gov. Sarah Palin look the most batshit insane. You betcha! Anyone know if this is going to air in battleground states or just on the Web?

13 thoughts on “New Obama Ad Slams Palin Pick

  1. Ouch!!! Now that is a zinger. That was not what i would call an “offensive” ad. It tells the truth. McCain said that he would pick a Vice President to help him with his limited knowledge of the economy and instead he picked someone that he is going to have to wet-nurse should the nightmare that would be his Presidency befalls America.

  2. Re: the ad at the bottom of your post. You might try logging into and seeing if you can fix it from there, instead.Thanks for a GREAT read every day.

  3. I don’t know where the ad is playing, but it should definitely be used in the blue states. I’m sure Palin’s Jiminy Cricket folksy charm and phony winks looks cockamamie to many people there.

  4. Saw this ad on the Huffington Post and did a little dance. A brilliantly understated dish. They didn’t even need to use her voice; just her image and wink alone did the job. I love that fact that Obama doesn’t even address Sarah Palin. Have you noticed that Snob? It’s as if to say that she’s not even worth my energy. You barely ever hear that man even discuss her name; but every five minutes she’s sounding off on him. Brilliance every step of the way. What a tight ass campaign.

  5. If it is only on the net then I will make sure to do my best to spread it far and clear – blogs, myspace, facebooks, linksI notice she is still dragging her feet with those medical records she said she would release

  6. Anonymous OnMyMind: We are NEVER seeing those medical records. If they lose, I’m sure we’ll learn the real reason why six months from now when she has to do something embarrassing, like step down from being governor, over it and pull some perverse John Edwards pantomime while bawling on live TV to Elisabeth Hasselbeck after they give her (and hopefully Kellyanne Conway) their own show on FOX News called “CONSERVATIVELY BLONDE!”I’d watch it for the screeching alone. Their first guest line up would be Kelly Ripa and Laura Ingraham. I don’t know if they’d invite Ann though. Ann is a performance artist/provocateur. She could turn on them. Wouldn’t be pretty.

  7. I’ve been waiting all campaign long for that ad. Ouch! Nothing like using McCain’s own words against him and then sealing it with a wink. I think Barack is actually having fun at this point. Did you hear him laughing about the socialist/commie stuff…”sharing his toys and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches” and then flat out laughing…like is that all you got…really?He comes across all smooth and mild-mannered but you get the sense he just wants such a decisive victory that it just crushes John McCain’s spirit and sucks the life and legitimacy out of the fetid remains of the Republican Party….at which point he’ll gingerly sidestep the carcass without even breaking a sweat…the roadrunner and wile e. coyote indeed.

  8. Palin’s not releasing the medical records because it reveals that the youngest boy isn’t her son but her grandson… or that’s the rumor I had started telling everyone. hahaha

  9. You know whenever I hear that someone is refusing to release a medical record, my first thought is, hmmm, they’re probably hiding a STD. It’s really very common actually. Yuck!

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