Extended Rant: Stephen Colbert On The George Will Revolt

It seems the brain of the Republican Party is now horrified at the monster they helped create. Where will they go now? David Frum, David Brooks, Scott McClellan, Christopher Buckley, Christopher Hitchens, Peggy Noonan, Kathleen Parker, Charles Krauthammer (even though he still hates Obama), ringleader George Will — the list goes on and on and they all blame, Alaskan Snow Bride Sarah Palin, but as Colbert drolly points out — really? The party’s been off the rails for years now. This is the excuse you’re using?

On Larry King Live last night Larry King and CNN political map guru John King mentioned that the rift over Palin could lead to a break-up of the party. When Larry King asked the female Republicans on his panel about this I agreed with them in that I don’t see this happening.

But I do see a mass purging coming if John McCain loses (or wins). A sort of Spanish Inquisition for modern conservatives, only instead of being drawn and quartered or waterboarded, they’ll just be exiled to Berkley, Calif. or Greenwich Village, NY or the other anti-America parts of America.

I hope you like Gay Pride parades and spoken word poets, Peggy Noonan. Wherever those exist is where the RNC is setting up the concentration camps.

5 thoughts on “Extended Rant: Stephen Colbert On The George Will Revolt

  1. Colbert is such a funny wiseass. The Repubs can implode all they want. I just hope they don’t try to become Dems. I trust Turncoats (Benedict Arnold #1: Joe Lieberman) and Retreats (Scott McClellan) less than the Independents. Most of us are hot-wired to be liberal or conservative at birth, so sooner or later, the chickens are going back home to roost. Therefore, we should keep out all the traitors and rats. Sorry, I’m Ming the Merciless when it comes to politics.

  2. Draven7: Calm down on the independents, all of us aren’t the enemy. I’m an Independent and I’m voting for Obama. Not all of us are out there to screw up elections. I left the Democratic party after the disgusting 2004 election when I realized the Dems and the Rethugs are two sides of the same marred coin (and because I was disillusioned by Dems wimpish actions). Some of us don’t like to be lumped into certain labels. As Chris Rock once stated, there’s stuff I’m conservative about and there’s stuff I’m liberal about; why do I have to pledge my undying allegiance to either gang? I just don’t think that I fit in w/ either party.Politics became much more easier to deal w/ when I stopped looking at party-lines and began looking at the politicians who’s beliefs I agreed w/. All parties have something to offer.

  3. Black Independent, you’re right, I’m trying to chill. Although I would agree with you on most occasions regarding the label thing, in politics you have to show what side you’re on. It’s really a contact sport and you have to wear a uniform–Dem or Repub–unfortunately. As in combat, you need to know who you’re shooting at (pardon the analogy), so proper labeling is required. I’m all for second chances and born-again conversions, and that’s I’m more than happy to welcome Independents into the Democratic fold. However, if people are just bargain-hunting and want to keep their “Independent” status, they’re better off staying with the Repubs. It’s going to get hairy out there and only the strong are going to survive. We need true blue Dems to spread the gospel and fix the system. And no, I’m not a whack job, I just enjoy mixing it up.

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