Cindy McCain: Just Like Other Human Females

5 thoughts on “Cindy McCain: Just Like Other Human Females

  1. I laughed out loud at this video when I first saw it. But what was even funnier to me was when I posted the link on Twitter and people didn’t realize it was a joke until they saw the Onion logo on the video. How scary do you have to be for people to think you’d actually say you’re “just like any other human female” in real life?

  2. Just 8 years ago, Mrs. McCain was still youthful hot babe. I couldn’t believe that McNasty had snagged such a beauty. Now look what this old man has done to this poor woman. Let this be an object lesson to all you women out there: Choose your mate wisely. Stay away from ex-cons and neocons.

  3. They certainly used the most unflattering pictures of her they could find. Her life has GOT to be hell right about now living with McRage.

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