The Good, the Bad and the Absurd, Pt. 2: Obama Art

Black Eyed Pea, Taboo and his blue “Obama” shoes make a political fashion statement — gauche, yet politically popular.

Barack Obama’s candidacy has been a muse to the many artists of the world and my inbox stays afloat in crazy Obama swag, artwork, fashion, cartoons, computer generated graphics, videos, tchotchkes and other bits of inspiration/ridiculousness. Here is Tuesday’s latest dose.

An Obama mosaic poster on sale in Jakarta, Indonesia.

A farm full of artsy-fartsy hope by Hilary Ross and Jim Lennox in Pennsylvania. Perhaps to bringing political parity to that Sarah Palin crop circle?

And below are some assorted pieces of Barack based artwork/illustration. I’m not sure where I found them or got them.

6 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Absurd, Pt. 2: Obama Art

  1. That farm art contradicts John Murtha’s comment about rural PA being filled with racists and ignorant people. They’re a few enlightened ones out there. The one thing that’s certain is Obama will make a gazillion dollars after he leaves office, based on his market appeal. I’ll take a pair of those snazzy sneakers.

  2. Some of those “assorted pieces of Barack based artwork/illustration” are from a shop in San Francisco called Upper Playground. They make t shirts and hoodies … a while back they took it upon themselves to produce a whole bunch of very high quality Barack stickers and are giving them away free.I have this one: in front of me right now.

  3. The mosiac tile one’s from Indonesia are beautiful. My hubby wants to move there in 10 years. Some of these other pieces are amazing. Never before have I seen so many people from different walks of live come together in harmony for one man. A black man. A black man running for President no less.I do hope and pray that everyone doesn’t get too comfortable and think that just because he’s so popular their vote won’t really matter. I want the Republicans to be given a virtual and emotional witch slap.

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