Michelle On Jay Leno

Favorite part: Michelle discussing Malia’s concern that her father’s ad buy to be on the major networks could impact her TV. Daddy didn’t buy time on Nickelodeon or Disney so your safe, weeMichelle!

As for the outfit, I think all the parts, even the pin, look nice separately. Not a fan of them together. But she did well, as expected, and has become increasingly more comfortable with every interview she’s done. This one, by far, seems to be her most relaxed. Maybe she really, really did want to be on The Tonight Show. She is in Jay’s demo!

I enjoyed Jay’s impression of Barack Obama negotiating calmly with his Michelle about what he is and isn’t going to do. And I’d say that La Femme Obama tastefully won over Jay in the same manner than Jon Stewart was all docile when she went on The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert was practically braying “rub my belly!” as he serenaded her for some comedy gold.

8 thoughts on “Michelle On Jay Leno

  1. In some ways, kids never change. I remember being upset when Nixon gave a presidential address and he was on ALL the channels at the same time (CBS,NBC and ABC) and that was that. It was a lot tougher being a kid back then.

  2. Snob and Co,Is it me or is Michelle wearing braces now?I used to wear them and to me it looks like she is holding her mouth and smiling the way I used to when I had them…

  3. She does seem to instill submission in her interviewers. Are they intimidated? Is it because she’s black? Is it her earnestness? What would O’reilly do with her? Why isn’t there talk of her being a part of Barack’s cabinet??

  4. Furthermore, why do you think Snob, that nobody asks her about her career?? She was the main bread-winner in the household. She had an executive position. But, she’s still just the “mom” and the “wife?” Is that her doing or the campaigns?

  5. ezra: I think Michelle does (despite her efforts not to) comes off as intimidating. All tall, intelligent, beautiful women do. Add black to that and you’re going to cow a lot of men without really doing anything at all. She used to lean in too much in her interviews earlier on and I told my parents that her body language was wrong because she needed to either lean back or sit up straight because otherwise she looked like she was deliberately trying to intimidate her interviewer (even though she wasn’t. She was just being “Michelle.”)Plus, she’s has a calming influence a lot like Barack. They are two very cool customers. And that probably throws comics off because they thrive off nervous or amped up energy.Per why no one asks about her career, I think that has a lot to do with latent sexism. People still don’t expect much of the First Lady and the Obama campaign is aware of this. Neither Michelle or Cindy talk about their work. You know Cindy is the one who really runs shit in the McCain household (moneywise), yet she has to let it seem like hubby picked those seven houses all by his lonesome. He gambles, she pays the tab. Both women play down the power they have within their marriages and their ambitions because Americans quite insanely still want a First Lady who talks about babies and how great their man is. It’s sad, but … the campaign’s really not about the wives anyway.

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