Michelle Obama Goes Yellow for Leno

I didn’t watch The Jay Leno Show Monday night — because I don’t watch it any night — so I’m clueless as to what was discussed. In media reports earlier on Monday I read she likes to shop at J. Crew. But I wanted to make sure I had the photos available because … I care.

Once again, I am considering declaring a fatwa on her sparkly pins, but I won’t fully judge the outfit until I see video of her standing up in it. (Photos by The Associated Press)

11 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Goes Yellow for Leno

  1. What, whaaaa??? I LOVE her shiny, sparkly pins. All that glitters IS actually gold … or something like that. :)By the way, LOVE your 5 words: “At least we’re not Detroit.” We said the same thing in Illinois.Three cheers for brown Midwestern girls!!! Michelle Obama, Danielle Belton and Twanna A. Hines can shake up the world!! 🙂

  2. Love Michelle, love her pins, but this outfit was a little too confused/confusing, IMO. I think she was going for a little glam, since that’s what the late-night talk-show guests often do, but it just didn’t work for me.

  3. Not one of her best looks. The makeup was too dark and the outfit was drab and matronly, though the color, like all bright color, looks pretty on her. My thing is, if you’re a glamazon and still have the glamazon body after popping out two big headed Obama rugrats, you should show it off.

  4. Whoa, for a moment I thought I was getting a Britney Spears crotch shot. It was an elegantly understated outfit. She doesn’t break campaign budget on her clothes, fortunately.

  5. jjai,Nothing was wrong with her hair. I love that Michelle is not burning her hair with chemicals and excessive heat. Natural is the way to go. Appreciate your hair texture instead of running from it.

  6. snob…love the idea of declaring a ‘fatwa’ against the shiny pins. she is dangerously close to the edge with those. at least it was only one.

  7. Fatwa on the pins! LOLOL But I liked the yellow on her. She looks good in most solid colors. I think the fight is obviously between what her ‘handlers’ want her to wear to ‘soften’ her up and what Michelle would actually choose to wear herself. (Now the fact that anyone thinks she need to be ‘softened up’ in patently ridiculous, but that’s a different topic…) Wanna see the yellow outfit with Michelle standing up? Catch her as she walks onto Jay’s set. <A HREF="

    REL=”nofollow”>Youtube of Michelle on Leno – Part 1And here is Part 2. She stands up to walk off the stage…<A HREF="

    REL=”nofollow”>Youtube of Michelle on Leno – Part 2

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