GOPAC Brings Out Rev. Wright Boogeyman for Halloween

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the TV (in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania), Rev. Jeremiah Goddamn AmericaWright has returned just in the nick of time … they hope!

So are you scared? Because, whooo, if hearing Rev. Wright for a whole month-and-a-half at the end of the Democratic Primary didn’t send you running from Barack Obama this lame, last minute attempt won’t either. No new footage. No new allegations. Just the same old insinuations. He sat in the same church. He called him his mentor. Okie doke. Give me something new. Is Obama in a “down low” relationship with Rev. Wright? Is Malia Obama really Rev. Wright’s daughter? Were Rev. Wright and Obama the “real killers” OJ Simpson spent all that time not looking for? Was Rev. Wright visiting with Saddam Hussien and Khalid Sheikh Muhammad before 9/11? C’mon, RNC! Put out some new tracks! I’m tired of the remixes! (Source: Politico’s Ben Smith Blog)

4 thoughts on “GOPAC Brings Out Rev. Wright Boogeyman for Halloween

  1. Faux News are also doing a segment this week of Wright’s new house. Complete with a golf course and a 4 car garage. As if to imply, “look at all this poor little preacher can afford for having Obama’s back, when the rest of the country are losing their homes due to foreclosures.”Ticks me off. That crap would fly if McCain wouldn’t have 7 other homes to live in, if he was to lose one due to the economic crisis.They are putting his name back out there on the sly. But no one cares anymore. All the Dems need to do is hit back at them with their own horrendous religious folk.Cannot wait until all of this is over. And let the someone put out an ad with the McCain’s token adopted child and all hell would break loose.

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