The Good, The Bad and the Absurd, Pt. 1: Colombia’s Obama Lottery

Do you feel lucky? Well, in Colombia last week they had a little Obama lotto going. Just a little sumpthin’ sumpthin’ to make a lil’ dough, cash in on some Afro-Colombian pride. Of course, some black Colombians were a little rankled. Not because they have an issue with the O-man though. It was more of a “WTF?” moment.

The photograph of the US Democratic Party candidate was used by the lottery in the central Colombian province of Meta as a “tribute” to blacks, according to lottery manager Magdalena Gonzalez.

Gonzalez explained … a smiling Obama was picked as a tribute to people of African descent since Latin America celebrated the Day of Race earlier this month. A man who bought the lottery ticket in the provincial capital Villavicencio complained that, had that been the intention, they should have picked a Colombian black or an indigenous person. Gonzalez admitted that there was also a commercial vision behind the choice, which sought to “create interest and attract the public’s attention.”

5 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and the Absurd, Pt. 1: Colombia’s Obama Lottery

  1. Ok, first I thought you meant Columbus. Sometimes one needs to wear glasses in the morning when she reads.Then I saw, Columbia. Shouldnt they focus more on ending the reign of drug dealing in their country? Instead of paying attention to whats going on over here? Gosh. With the darn Obama in 2008 poster up and everything. They aren’t even darn voting. It’s too bad Barack can’t brand himself. Michelle’s twins would’ve had a ton of money to fall back on during hard times. Considering how his face is just everywhere nowadays.I also find is lovely that the Washington Post endorsed him for Prez. I always felt that they were in the top 5 of Republican leaning newspapers out there.Lastly, I find it hilarious that Tina Fey’s own homestate newspaper endorsed Obama too.

  2. It’s good to see tokenism alive and well in other countries too. Black Columbians should feel proud that a mulatto is represented finally on a lottery ticket. It could have been worse, say, a picture of Obama on a bottle of Thunderbird or a pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes.

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