Michelle Meets Jay, Jay Meets Michelle!

The venerable Mrs. O will be making an appearance on Jay Leno tonight. With eight days left of campaigning, Michelle Obama has been everywhere this October working to jazz up support for her husband. From the stump to cuddling Barack lovingly after every debate, Michelle has taken her super helpmate action to the max.

And if I ever stop being lazy, I’ll doodle a picture in honor of her with Michelle cast as Ororo Munroe, aka “Storm,” an X-Woman who really should have her own movie if Halle Berry hadn’t screwed up the part by being absolutely wrong to play a 5’11” African glamazon who just happens to be Queen of Kenya when she’s not saving the world. (How someone so fierce could be made so boring is beyond me.)

Besides, Barack seems like Ororo’s kind of man. Half-Kenyan/half-American, smart, aspiring to the highest office of the land …

Wait … maybe Michelle Obama IS Storm! Check for her personal affects for brown eye contact lenses and hair dye!

The plot thickens.

That said, here are some pictures of Mrs. Michelle “Ororo” Obama at recent rallies in Pittsburgh, Penn. and Akron, Ohio.

Baby kissing! Awwwww!

10 thoughts on “Michelle Meets Jay, Jay Meets Michelle!

  1. Michelle is absolutely juicy. If I had only one pet peeve with her, it’s her height. I like my gals on the short side (it’s a control thing) and she’s really amazonian–bless her heart.

  2. yeah…Halle Berry…not the best actress in America. I think she’s gorgeous and her man is fine as hell and i like her a lot personally, but I’ve never been impressed with her talent as an actress. I don’t know how she won that Oscar and I thought she damn near ruined “Their Eyes Were Watching God”.

  3. It wasn’t just the casting. The writers of those X Men movies totally stripped Storm of her power and authority and relegated her to second class status. It REALLY pissed me off! They can’t see Black women as being fierce and fabulous and don’t want anyone else to do so either.

  4. faith: I’m with you there. In the comics Storm was either better or on par with Jean, Scott and Wolverine. She’s highly intelligent, royalty AND controlled the freakin’ weather, for crissakes! Perhaps that’s why they went with Berry because they planned on weakening the character anyway. I mean, I heard repeatedly that Angela Bassett and Iman were too old, but I would have preferred to watch Naomi Campbell half-ass act her way through Storm than Berry. At least there would have been no way to diminish the fact that she’s tall and in charge. Plus, as a model, like Rebecca Romaijn, she would have been at home running around in ridiculous outfits while striking fierce poses. It was no surprise that Famke Janseen (Jean Gray) and Rebecca, as ex-models, looked the most at home looking like comic book heroes. Being painted blue whilst slithering around naked improved Rebecca’s acting skills by 65 percent. God only knows what it would have done for Naomi. But I need to stop now. I could stay on my WHY DID THEY RUIN STORM rant for days. Days. And then go down my list of black actresses/Supermodels of all nationalities who could have played Storm with more authority.N’Bushe Wright? Alex Wek? Fucking Grace Jones??? Gina Torres? Vanessa Williams???? The anger … the anger is returning!The greatest black female in the funny papers and they had to ruin her on the big screen! Why? DAMMIT! WHY!

  5. You should take up the Storm issue w/ Ta-nehisi Coates.Michelle has not made the Great Wall of Sexy to my knowledge. Why?On that subject I am still looking to see Ari Nicole Parker for I have definitely seen her husband there. for anyone whom would like to see why she is look for a Canadian movie The true story of two Girls Falling in Love. It is ROTFLMAO funny and sexy.

  6. I am planning to watch Michelle on Jay Leno tonight. I’m on the west coast so I still have about 3 hours. I think the comparision between Michelle Obama and Storm is a good one. Storm is one of my favorite fictional characters and she could have been handled better in the movies. If Wolverine goes down well next year maybe Storm will get her own movie. Today, Storm is married to a king in the comics – the Black Panther. He is the monarch of a fictional African country that is arguably the most technologically advanced country in the Marvel universe.

  7. Black Snob, you are too funny, I always feel as a kid reading the X-Men comics that Spencer Heywoods wife was whom Storm was based on IMAN.And, yes Michelle is a fitting replacement, only insecure brothers got problem with the tall sistas!

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