Guitar Hero Ad Starring Kobe, Phelps, A-Rod and … is that Tony Hawk?

Obviously, everyone decided to channel Tom Cruise’s tighty-whiteys scene from “Risky Business.” Kobe seems waaaaay too into it, but then, he’s also the only one with “long” short pants on, not fully committing to his character. (I realize he’s a basektball player wearing white basketball trunks, but really. Other than Michael Phelps everyone in this skit wears longer pants professionally.) You can’t see Phelps underpants at all and Alex Rodriguez simply looks absurd in his boxer briefs. That said, I dub this commercial “funny.”

5 thoughts on “Guitar Hero Ad Starring Kobe, Phelps, A-Rod and … is that Tony Hawk?

  1. Maybe Kobe’s “business” would have been to out of place and not family friendly in a paid of briefs.I saw this video yesterday and as much as I hate the new A-Rod, the commercial was funny as all heck.I so loved how Tony skated into the living room, staying true to what he does.

  2. I agree with Serafina. You might not want to see Kobe’s python getting loose and fancy free. They would scare a lot of people. Then again, maybe not.

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