The Barack Obama Variety Half-Hour

The skit was sort of funny, but lacked a lot of edge. To bring Maya Rudolph back to play Michelle Obama, but to just have her do what they typically would have her do (sing something silly) seemed lazy. They basically didn’t bother to find something humorous about Michelle or her personality or the chemistry between her and Barack. Michelle does have a personality after all, but the writers seemed to sidestep that all together. (Out of fear maybe? Lack of creativity?) I did enjoy the House Democrats singing “Our House” and Kennan Thompson as Rev. Jeremiah Wright singing, “White devil be crazy.” The term “white devil” is really more of a Nation of Islam thing, but I’ll let that one slide.

But there was an over all lack of bite. I really don’t think the Dems are that bland where they couldn’t find something to skewer. They have an easy time embracing the slickness that is Slick Willy, but Bill Clinton, like George W. Bush, is pretty easy to lampoon. Both of their flaws are so close to the surface. Michelle and Barack aren’t obvious foils, but … really … I could have written something better. I don’t know why they just don’t go full bore into the sometimes over-seriousness and self-importance of the campaign. I very much enjoyed The Daily Show’s spoof of Obama’s bio video at the DNC entilted, “Barack Obama: He Completes Us.” When the “Circle of Life” started playing from “The Lion King” I fell out of my chair laughing.

But that’s The Daily Show.

That said … this last clip, for me, was the funniest thing on the show Saturday night. I totally went to college with that stereotype: the white quasi-Rastafarian, stoner, hackysack kid with the filthy white boy dreadlocks. That guy … very easy to make fun of, indeed.

8 thoughts on “The Barack Obama Variety Half-Hour

  1. Yeah, it was lame, Snob, to use your word. SNL now has a built-in audience right now and to disappoint them with such drivel is beyond me. I really think SNL misses the boat by not lampooning Obama’s GQ coolness, his chosen one, “righteous wind” persona, and JKF and MLK wannabeeness. Everybody’s got foibles and we should all be able to laugh at ourselves. The white kid Rastafarian skit wasn’t so funny, except when he suddenly becomes frightened next to a group of black guys. SNL was obvious trying to spoof that popular Youtube video featuring the same incident. Now that’s funny!

  2. I enjoyed the white Rastafarian skit last night. When he looked back at the camera again at the end, I fell out! It was funny when he walked past the black dudes and mentioned Shabba Rank and Cool Runnings in the lyrics.I agree with you; they have so much material to have fun with Barack’s cool image. They shouldn’t have hyped up Maya Rudolph coming on there to play Michelle if this is all they had. I almost died when Ayres looked at the camera at the end of “White Devils Be Crazy”.

  3. umph, that was wack as hell. And EVERY TIME I SEE ARMISEN IN BLACKFACE I WANT TO GO SMACK A WHITE MAN.I felt bad for Maya, she was so better than the material they gave her. Did Seth write that crap?The Ayers part was funny, tho. The rasta kid is all over my campus. They breed them here. I was at Saul Williams the other night (Go Morehouse!) and one solid third to half of the crowd was annoying white rasta kid. I almost got a contact high. Losers.

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