Obama In Hawaii

Sen. Barack Obama went home to his native Hawaii this weekend to visit his ailing grandmother. News reports said he wanted to see her because he was unable to rush home to see his mother when she was dying. The candidate did not want to miss the chance to see his grandmother in spite of the hectic campaign.

Obama’s grandmother raised him while his mother was busy working oversees. Obama was there for her on Friday and returned to the trail on Saturday. Here are some pictures of the recent trip, his reception in Hawaii and of Obama and his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, pictured above with her husband, Stanley.

Going for a walk around the old neighborhood with the Secret Service.

Howard and Doredda Richmond wait with flowers for Obama.

And Janet Coelho holds the board for a board game ‘Farolitos Journey’ as a gift for Obama.

And returning back to the 48 Saturday morning to head off to a rally in Nevada. Obama told reporters he isn’t sure if his grandmother will live to see the election.

Pictures in Hawaii from The Associated Press; family photos from the Obama campaign.

13 thoughts on “Obama In Hawaii

  1. I almost feel like I shouldn’t have viewed the pictures. His grief is so visible, having lost my own beloved Granny 18 mos after the death of my Mom, I have an idea of how he must feel. However I can only imagine that its made worse by being in the midst of this campaign. I pray that his Grandma live to see Nov 4 and what I pray will be his victory.

  2. I find it so interesting that B&W photography allows you to focus on features and not so much on color. In that photo of his maternal grandparents, you can see how much Obama resembles his white grandfather.Must be driving the racists crazy.

  3. Very emotionala time for Obama…biggest election in history on the very near horizon and the woman who raised and loved and inspired … Prayers of strength for Obama and family.

  4. Hawaii is such a beautiful place. He was very lucky to have grown up there. Even if his grandmother doesn’t live to see him elected, she will no doubt view everything and have the satisfaction of knowing. Things will work out fine.

  5. He is such an amazingly strong man to be able to go through this and still run for president at the same time. Makes everything I complain about seem so minuscule. Praying for Obama and his family.

  6. Bless his heart. Tutu is his last parent. My prayers are with all of the Obama/Dunham/Robinson family.

  7. It is amazing how much he favors his grandfather in the uniform photo. Otherwise, his sadness radiates off of him, doesn’t it? Like he’s trying to hold it all in. I hope his granny can hang in there long enough to see him shine even brighter.

  8. Ho brah! Obama’s rockin’ da slippahs. Seeing these pics remind me how much I miss living in Hawaii.

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