Google Stalking TJ Holmes: His First Time …

… Voting.

TJ Holmes, who is the same age as me, did not do what I did in 1996 — which was relish over the fact that I was 18 and now had a say in the political process. Yes. I am a nerd and our sloppy Representative Republic/bootleg Democracy with a dose of socialism is my civic religion. I was ready to say “hell no” to Sen. Bob Dole.

TJ was not. But I forgive him because he’s pretty.

PS. Apologizes if the video doesn’t run right at first. CNN is still working the bugs out in its player. Why they can’t just jack how other video players work is beyond me. If they’ve got the cash for John King’s fancy pants touch screens you think they could bootleg Vimeo or YouTube’s technology.

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5 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes: His First Time …

  1. I have the same story. The first time I could have voted was in 2000but I wasn’t very enthusiastic about the election, so my first time voting was in 2004.

  2. Hi Snob, TJ is very cool. I have a similar fascination with Don Lemon. LOL In terms of your “Google stalking,” just curious if you subscribe to <A HREF="“ REL=”nofollow”>this feed in order to stay current with the latest TJ happenings. Such a subscription would most certainly make your Google stalking much more convenient. LOL

  3. After four years of George Bush, the opportunity to vote AGAINST him was so pressing that I couldn’t wait to turn 18! Of course my ballot did make a difference in my red state, (Texas). I’m actually amazed that people I know who are ya’ll’s age still aren’t registered to vote. Particularly those in the military…

  4. I didn’t even vote in ’96. Even Bob Dole (“Where’s the outrage?”) knew he wasn’t going to win. The first vote was for Jimmy Carter, and so began my long losing streak of betting on the wrong horse. Regarding TJ, he’s pretty fly for an anchor guy.

  5. I’ve always voted but this is the first time I’ve been so actively involved in campaigning. Of course being on the internet helps as well. I think more people are going to stay active and some people will go back to being complacent.

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