The Beautiful Ones

BET threw a bash to kick off their new series “Real Life Divas,” a show that profiles black women who are movers and shakers in the prospective fields. Naturally, the people who came out for this party were among the “drop dead gorgeous” crowd, including the queen of gorgeous, former supermodel Iman. They had the premiere party Thursday. Here are some selected pictures courtesy of WireImage.

The ageless Iman. Mind you, Iman doesn’t rock the runway anymore, but she always looks prepared to bust out a good supermodel stomp to put the young girls to shame. And look at the tight black dress she is rocking. Prêt-à-Porter, indeed.

Iman and Beverly Johnson, yet another fashion model who doesn’t seem to understand this whole “aging” deal where you get older looking, not older fierce. I would like whatever these two women are having, please!

Beverly Johnson and actress Cicely Tyson. Grandma is in love with the leopard print and it’s trying to devour her whole. No, Grandma Cicely, no! Take fashion tips from Ruby Dee and Eartha Kitt! Less is more!

Derek J., some sort of TV personality. He is rocking a red leather man purse and bright yellow gloves. What the fug is going here? And he stole one of Michelle Obama’s flower pins AND he’s rocking the “man cleavage” with too many top buttons unbuttoned? And the chain belt? Andre Leon Talley would not approve! (Or maybe he would. I can never tell with that brother.)

One of the show producers Crystal McCrary. Her face is lovely, but at first you’re like, what is up with that giant leather poncho-like jacket. But then things go from …

Frumpy to …

Fabulous! That is quite a sexy use of black lace and gray. I’d love to see it with a short business-like black jacket. McCrary is pictured her with the other sho
w producers, Nathan Williams and Sean Johnson.

McCrary with one of my favorite former models, Veronica Webb.

Writer, blogger, pundit Keith Boykin.

Designer Rachel Roy looking a bit over layered but I like it. Well … I like parts of it. I’d still let her dress me. I’m feeling the snakeskin pumps and the black skirt and sleeveless top, but not the turtle neck or the long sweater. Basically, she looks hot. And not in the sexy way, but like she should be melting under the lights.

Mmmm … Taimak Guarriello. You can be my Bruce Leroy anytime.

BET’s Julissa Bermudez. I love it. I hate it. The outfit is a perfect disaster. Like I love dresses with pockets, but this looks like a half pocket and the skirt looks like a rumpled toga. The jacket is street tough. But the skirt is high waisted, with a wide belt giving it an 1980s feel. I like the black. I just don’t know what’s going on here. A little help, anyone?

Actor Derrin Henson looks delicious. Where has this man been all my life? Why did I not know who he was? Then I looked at his IMDB page and realized I’d seen not one thing he’d ever been in. (“Stomp the Yard?” Methinks not.) But they’re making a Tekken movie and he’s playing “Raven?” Does this mean I have to pretend to care about Tekken again because I divorced Tekken and the man who played it constantly more than seven years ago.

“Barker Beauty,” Deal or No Deal suitcase carrier and actress/model Claudia Jordan. Love the dress, love the belt. But she’s a Barker Beauty. I’d only expect the best.

9 thoughts on “The Beautiful Ones

  1. girl! you are being wayyy to generous with ms. beverly johnson. while she looks great in these print pictures, she looked downright scary and almost unrecognizable from *a lot* of plastic surgery when she was a judge on that make me a middle-aged model show….wait it was called ‘she’s got the look.’ beverly has tried to cheat aging and i’m not sure she’s really winning.also..that derrin henson guy has been a guest star on one of my fave tv shows Lincoln Heights, which features the best black family on tv ever…yeah, better than the too perfect cosby’s…D

  2. how come all the bourgie supposedly well educated folk don’t know how to produce a decent program. BET J sucks too.

  3. I was going to hurl about BET but it’s BETJ the more civilized sister station that actually isn’t available w/o my buying the top tier cable package plus and extra $5. So either way I don’t watch it. I hope it’ll be up on Youtube eventually. I miss watching My Two Cents.

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