Maya Rudolph to Return to SNL to Play Michelle Obama

I swear, the producers at Saturday Night Live only know two black people. That said, yeah! Maya’s coming back for a visit! And she’s playing Michelle! This will be … interesting. I’m seeing her getting attacked by a pair of eyebrow tweezers in her near future.

The real question is will they bother darkening her up? They haven’t for past roles where she played black women darker than her, but they darkened up Thandie Newton to play Condoleezza Rice in “W.” so anything’s possible. (And it was creepy how much Thandie looked like Rice in that movie, even if she was rendered to a mere “Yes Woman” parody.)

From New York Magazine’s Vulture blog:

The special-guest parade continues on Saturday Night Live: TMZ reports that alum Maya Rudolph will return this weekend to play Michelle Obama — this should be interesting, particularly because we’re just having a hard time imagining how a good parody of Michelle would look. Unfortunately, Tina Fey will not be around to resume her Palin-mocking duties (she put in her time last night), but give us Kristen Wiig as a glassy-eyed Cindy McCain and all is forgiven. [TMZ]

13 thoughts on “Maya Rudolph to Return to SNL to Play Michelle Obama

  1. Snob please Condi wish she looked as good as Thandie. Anyway have you seen The Smoking Gun today, it’s funny as hell. Check it out.A crazy Republican says she was attacked by a big black man who became enraged when he noticed the McCain Sticker on her ride, so the brother carves a B on the womens face. Except he carved it backwards. The women lied she carved the B on her ON face in the mirror. People are NUTS!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm sorry. I know Maya Rudolph is black, but can they not find actual brown-skinned black people to play the next President & First Lady. It's not like there's some shortage of funny black people in America. Lorne Michaels, NBC – work it out!

  3. Let me guess, they are going to play the “black bitch” stereotype. I’ll have major respect to the writers of SNL if they didn’t go that route. Hopefully they won’t. On the bright side, yay for Maya being back, even if it is just one night.

  4. I’m happy that Maya is back all but come on! I mean, didn’t Lorne Michaels and SNL catch some flak earlier this year for not having enough diversity on the show to have a Black man play Obama? Now this? They couldn’t search NY (or Hollywood) for a funny sista to play Michelle? I’m so done w/ this show.

  5. all: Lorne Michaels is doesn’t care. If he cared he’d ask someone like Aisha Tyler, also a comedian, but darker, to do a stint as Michelle. But considering Lorne has passed on the great bulk of female black comics to even work as writers/comics for the show why would he buck the trend now? It’s sooo much easier just to ask the sister who quit your show to come back and do a guest spot.

  6. Michaels was never an equal opportunity employer. In SNL’s first seasons, Garret Morris had to play all the ethnic parts and he was frequently forced to wear a dress and play female roles too, which he didn’t like.

  7. The the question becomes – why do we watch and support the show? I refuse to watch it but I do take note of the advertisers. Thank goodness for Youtube.

  8. Is she supposed to stay sitting behind a desk or walk on stilts?Maya is funny when she wants to be, but she is 3ft on a good day. She’s just of a hair scratching selection as Jada P. Smith would be, should she actually try to make a movie with Will about the Obama’s.And some people just dont work with impersonations. Baby Bush and Palin are funny impersonations because they’re stupid. And stupid makes you laugh when you realize these are people whom are in charge of something.Obama, nor McCain make hilarious impersonations. I dont think Michelle can either. Unless she’s shown as being a smart, foxy and intelligent sister girl. But, hmmmm, shall just wait and see.But Maya? Uh, ok.

  9. loves maya, but there were no other funny black women they could find to play michelle…who watchs snl anyways…

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