It’s Official: The Election Is Freaking Me Out

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I’m a little nervous.

And not because I think my sweet Hopey McChangey is going to lose. Au contraire, mon amie! Many Democrats keep uttering things like “landslide.” America has been a 51-49 nation since the Culture Wars began and commonfolk could be divided along class and tribal lines. Such as, by nature of their needs, you’d think poor white people and poor black people would band together to fight their circumstances, but the teachings of Tim Wise would prove otherwise.

Culture Wars, re: ignorance and racism, trump common sense every time.

Or does it. And that’s what freaks me out. Since the economy discombobulated all over us, the Obama Campaign has been on fire. Smoother than smooth. Calmer than calm and quicker than quick in recognizing and dealing with problems that most Democrats don’t fight until after the fact.

Like poor and minority voters having their rights disenfranchised. Launching a team of lawyers to fight voter suppression in lieu of the looming election. The Colin Powell endorsement, huge no matter how hard some right wingers must trash a man they thought was their “pet Negro,” but, as I’ve said before, if they’d ever actually listened to him talk about his reality they would have figured out long ago, Powell is no one’s pet.

And the South shall rise again … but for Obama? In Virginia? Once the seat of the Confederacy, it’s residents are so dissatisfied that they’re considering to go the way of The Great Black Hopemongerer? North Carolina? Talks of Obama using this “I’m rich, bitch!” donation stash to start making inroads in Georgia?

Georgia? The one Sherman burnt to the ground?

The state polls show he’s more than closing in, he is beating down. He’s neck-and-neck in Ohio and Missouri. He’s leading in Florida where the Sarah Palin pick has gone over like a lead balloon with the fiscally conservative (but not too keen on the cultural conservatives) Jewish voters. Plus, her church participated in hosting a “Jews for Jesus” group. If you want to creep out a Jew who loves being a Jew, start hanging out with Jews for Jesus, which many Jews believe is a “peaceful” extenuation of the Holocaust.

Yeah. The shit is that deep.

John McCain is on defense, offense, the fence, fighting a trench war he only recently prepared for. The Obama campaign has been on the ground in ever state mobilizing for more than a year. Two years in some cases. Johnny Mac is a Johnny-Come-Lately, as he fights for Pennsylvania despite an 11 point Obama lead.

What the hell is going on? There are rumors that Obama plans to take his fight right to McCain’s front door of Arizona, where the senator is up by 11. There are rumors that McCain, with his shrinkage — re: funding shrinkage — may abandon Colorado, where Obama is up by 5 points.

Next to falling off a stage a la Bob Dole, McCain is doing almost every thing he can to help Obama overcome the Bradley Effect and get into the White House and I salute the flyboys efforts, but I’m freaked out all the same.

The Democrats are “winning,” people. The Democrats haven’t done winning in decades. Save that brief respite called the Clinton Years (which were full of prosperity and filthy oral copulation), it’s been a Democratic drought. Now we’re facing the possibility of ANOTHER political monopoly, this time — Donkey Kong style.

I’m interested if they’ll go mad with power like the Republicans did, or if they’ll maintain some semblance of common sense? Who am I kidding? Those sons (and daughters) of bitches want revenge. Even I want a taste. If they get the majority, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will morph into “The Punisher,” black skull T-shirt at all.

But what scares me, with all the success looming, with everything going the Left’s way, but we’ve seen this movie before.

How will the Democratic Party fuck up this time? They’ve botched so many elections. What possible scenarios are the DNC and the Obama Campaign over looking that they need to check their list twice on? November 4th could be a dream OR a nightmare. If the Dems mess up this time what is the most likely scenario (other than Mad Dog Joe Biden saying crazy things) to come to pass and how can we prevent it from becoming “deja vu all over again?”

21 thoughts on “It’s Official: The Election Is Freaking Me Out

  1. You’re forgetting that Virginia already elected a Black Democrat to it’s highest office. We had Wilder, no we want Obama! We’re working our Southern butts off down here to get out the vote. Don’t be scared, Snob, remember: Hope Kicks Fears Ass!

  2. How come no one is taking into account the fact that there has been a mass exodus of black folks form the expensive northeast cities to the more affordable south. That is probably the main reason Obama is doing well in NC and VA.

  3. Actually, anonymous, Virginia has usually been Democratic on a state level and Rethuglican on a national level. It is the quintessential purple state. There are many reasons why Virginia is in play, and the number of Black citizens isn’t in my top five. Military and working families of all colors who have been screwed over voted Jim Webb into the Senate and are getting ready to elect Mark Warner to join him and Barack Obama to lead them.

  4. Snob! STOP IT! *Smack* STOP IT! *Smack*We Democrats have GOT to STOP this thing we do, this weird eagerness to embrace our own loser status. I think it’s exactly because of what you say, we’re so used to being Losers, the thought of being Top Dog for a change kind of freaks us out a little. We’re uncomfortable with success. Like it’s an aberration of nature. Republicans never admit they’re losers, even after they’ve lost! That’s why Bush has been president for 8 years! Al Gore bloody went to concede almost immediately, where Bush acted all “of course I won! Vote recounts? What for?”I say: sure, the honeymoon with Barack is going to end at some point. Perhaps when he sends a targeted strike force into Pakistan to get bin Laden. But still, I say, we’re in for 8 years of good, solid, common-sense leadership and increased government transparency, and fixing basic shit that is on the verge of breaking. The things we believe as a party should happen will start to happen. The Dems will start fighting with each other, but I think we’re in for some much improved years ahead, even if we’re in bad times. I look forward to the people in charge saying: Yes, torture is 100% unacceptable. Yes, we need to get more people on health insurance. Yes, we need to spend government money ono fixing bridges and highways.The Republicans have no new leader in sight, have lost the Latino vote for now, and have idealogical differences they need to start ironing out. I’m not so sure they will be able to wrest power away from us so quickly.

  5. I have no love for mean-spiritedness. Restorative justice is great, and in my mind long overdue — but if the victorious Demrats go beyond restorative justice and seek revenge, they will find me, little me, standing in the way as best I can. The Rethuglicans have done wrong, but they are still human beings and our neighbors.This campaign season began with both Obama and McCain talking about an end to such mean-spiritedness. Obama spoke of getting past “red states and blue states”; both of them spoke of “reaching across the aisle”. McCain forgot that wisdom, and that’s part of why he is now losing. If Obama forgets it too, I think his triumph will likely be short-lived.

  6. Yeah, I’m a little freaked out too but what’s got me apprehensive is slightly different. The questions that buzz through my head are:1)What if the national polls are overstated or white folk who don’t wish to see a black president stampede to vote on Election Day (a la the forgettable Chris Rock movie “Head of State”)? 2)What if the sinister Repubs have one more trick up their sleeves to steal the election and are successful again? Could the American people take another screwy election where the popular vote chose a candidate while the electoral college chose another? Would Democrats whine about for another 4-8 years and do nothing or would they riot? Should I join them if they do? 3)If Obama wins but somehow becomes ineffective in his first term, would America be as willing to elect the brotha for a second term or would they consider him the black Jimmy Carter?But that’s just the cynical me talking.

  7. I think you guys are a little too optimistic about Obama’s chances. The gap is closing and I only have to say two words regarding that: New Hampshire. Whenever Obama gets really close to reaching the top, voters (you know who) pull the carpet from under his feet. Don’t count your rabbits before they’re caught. BTW, great video from Tim Wise.

  8. I should think that with those questionable Voting Machines which delivered Republican wins in the past two elections, the democrats would have made a bigger case for a paper ballot back-up proof in case the Republicans win by a landslide. Lola

  9. There’s a few things that are different this time around. People are actively involved in this election. A lot of us just sat by and let things unfold instead of taking the initiative. Secondly, the state of the country has deteriorated enough that people feel compelled to take action and accept some responsibility. Obama is a different Democratic leader. He’s not part of the Civil Rights old guard and he’s comfortable with his whiteness. He doesn’t grandstand. The internet plays a larger role for activism. This is a wonderful turning point for all of us and I think the accountability will usher in real change.

  10. To Draven7 —Of all the many polls and poll analysts, the one I trust most is Nate Silver’s <A HREF="“ REL=”nofollow”> Last week, according to his calculations, the Obama/McCain gap was indeed closing: it began on Sunday, October 12 at 6.4%, and a week later on the 19th it was down to just 4.8%. But this week, it widened a tad to 5.1% on Tuesday, narrowed slightly to 5.0% today, and now shows signs of widening a little further.Silver runs 10,000 computer simulations a day, taking the margins of uncertainty in the various national polls and looking at how things could turn out depending on which way the polls turn out to be wrong. On the 12th, only 390 of his 10,000 simulations showed an electoral college victory for McCain. On the 19th, 692 did. Yesterday, 653 did.Who knows how things will unfold from here? I think you’re very right to say, don’t count the rabbits yet. But at the moment, it still looks like Obama’s advantage.All the best,Marshall

  11. I am a black Canadian and I am very interested in this presidental race. I think Obama is really amazing but I am not sure he will win. I don’t go by polls I still think the public has “private prejudices” when they arrive at the voting booth. We will see on November 4th if America is “really changing”. We just had a federal election in Canada and 4 out of the 5 political parties leaders were white males. Although Obama may not win I do think the USA is more progressive then some African Americans give the country credit for. All I can say is a Barack Obama WOULD NOT exist in Canada.

  12. Great post snob…I lol a few times….but I have finally crossed thru doubt into reality…and the reality is that Obama is on pace statistically – not anecdotally – but statistically, logistically, financially and in every other meaningful way to lay a smack down on the inept McCain Campaign and the bankrupt ideology of the the ever-narrowing Republican Party. It is my belief that we will be pleasantly surprised by the decency and fairness of most Americans when the election is effectively called for Barack Obama before the polls close in CA.I know we have a lot of reason and evidence to doubt, but I think we can thank 8 years of GWB for helping a lot of white people to realized that there’s worse things than a black president and for giving a lot of other whites who didn’t have such an overt concern the opportunity to vote their conscience. If you’re not already a fan of, I highly recommend it. They’ve been doing a great swing state road trip to various campaign offices and have great stories and pics to match.Our people are represented in those offices for sure, but it’s taken a multi-hued village to get BHO to where he is today and we should all be proud.

  13. If Obama wins, I’m the first one dancing in the streets celebrating. Like Marshall, though, I’m cautiously optimistic. An Obama presidency will have world-wide implications, and I long for the positive changes it could mean. Still, I must admit that I belong to the doomsday crowd. I believe we’re going to experience a whole lot of darkness before things get better. Here’s the upside: “The greater the obstacle, the greater the potential light.”

  14. The only thing that keeps my feet flat on the ground about all this is the race factor. There are a LOT of white folks who say they are pro-Obama but when it comes time to push that button in the curtained booth…I dunno. I’m still at heart a Hillary gal, but so far I have found little fault with Obama. The brotha is playing THE GAME and I have to give him mucho props for that alone.

  15. Your concerns are all to real. IMO, the reason this will occur is because of the gerrymandering of congressional districts. Both parties have locked in incumbents to give them safe seats. For the leadership of both parties, and they are ideologues(Waxman, Pelosi, Bonner among them), nothing will change. The saving grace may be that the number of new people will be so great that they will realize they road in on Obama’s coattails not the parties(think the guy running against Bachmann and other outliers).Obama will have to choose as well. He has already beat down the Cllinton faction and the gates of Hell eagerly await them. Pelosi will be very difficult to deal w/. She more than those in the Senate is still smarting from the goosestepping of the Republican House members over the intial bailout bill and has few Clinton ties to bind her hands.The Senate should be easier because of Joe and the newcomers.

  16. I’m with you on the freak out part but it has strengthen my resolve to do what I can to help get Obama/Biden into the White House.I want to believe but after being heartbroken in 2000 and 2004..anything can happen.

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