“We’re Still Together!”

Nick and Mariah not posing with giant stuffed animals, crazy in love at the Whitney Museum of American Art Gala Tuesday.

And more of Carey and Cannon, earlier this month at an Andre Agassi Charitable benefit. And the glitter, bedazzled butterfly decal on Mimi’s back. Really? She’s forever young … or something.

9 thoughts on ““We’re Still Together!”

  1. Count me on the list of those who say, “I don’t get it.” Nick looks like he’s going to the high school prom. Well, I guess he’s one of those who walks softly and carries a big stick.

  2. I don’t get these two…and I think he will rue the day he got her name tattooed across his back. I give this union until the end of the decade (and I feel I’m being generous).

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