The Obamas In Florida

Barack and Michelle hit the stump together in Florida Tuesday. A new NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll has Team Obama up by ten points from the opposition. Who doesn’t feel the love? I feel it. Of course, we’ll have to go without it a few days, rightfully so, as Obama will be taking a break from the campaign trail to see to his ailing grandmother in Hawaii. She’s apparently taken a turn for the worst, so let’s hope and pray she gets better.

In the mean time … get yer fix of Obama-on-Obama snuggle time! Who’s the best political spouse on the stump? You are! Yes, you are, Hopey and the Glamazonian!

Photos by The Associated Press and Reuters.

14 thoughts on “The Obamas In Florida

  1. I saw Michelle yesterday in Pensacola! She is a GLAMAZON! TALL and GLAMOUROUS! On a serious note She really touched me by her speech, it was amazing to hear from her in person, she has a beautiful spirit and warmness that shines through, you go Michelle!Obama 08

  2. Two weeks to go and loose lips sink ships. Somebody better put a muzzle on Crazy Uncle Joe or tie him up in the cellar. The man is a walking land mine. I’m always afraid of what he might say. His most recent comments were irresponsible, and how did he think that was a good idea to say them? Again, I think it was really a raging ego going out of control. Crazy Joe was more or less in brag mode when he made his big prediction. He was willing to cause potential damage to the campaign in order to say, “You see, I told you so.”

  3. Draven,Joe Biden comments are ture. If YOU think that Barack will NOT be tested your lying to yourself. We owe 300 million dollars to China, we have a 400 billion dollar deficit, our economy sucks, non- americans hate us and we are fighting 3 wars:economy, global warming and the war on iraq. Barack and Michelle have said its NOT going to be easy, he will not get everything done and change comes from the bottom up. THat means that blacks and others have to take RESPONSIBILTY for their own actions and not blame the gov.Blk people need to realize that if Barack gets into office you can slack off, your butt need to continue to work. Joe does not have an ego at all, if barack does not have a problem with his comments why do blks have a problem.

  4. Anonymous, you’re using a straw argument on me. That’s when a person misrepresents another person’s argument and then shoots it down. I didn’t say most of the stuff you said. Of course, Obama will be tested earlier on, that’s a given. But to bring up the question of experience when the issue was being put to rest is a terrible mistake. Biden is one of my favorite politicians, but he does have a big mouth and ego–like many leaders–and if you don’t know this, you ain’t been around. He shouldn’t have given the McCain campaign more ammo to fire Obama with. Now Team Obama has to go on the defensive again, explaining that Obama is experienced. What’s good about that? It wasn’t a prudent thing for Biden to say and there’s no defending it.

  5. slightly off topic…but I saw Bill Burton in a Hardball clip with Tweety simply frothing at the mouth in going after Nancy Pfotenhauer and I couldn’t help but wonder if Obama campaign spokesperson is either “incognegro” or just mixed? does anyone know?

  6. I also saw the Hardball mugging by Chris Matthews and normally I would object, but Pfotenhauer really annoys me with that patronizing, condescending smile of hers, so she brought it upon herself. Although Matthews would loathe to be called one, he’s turned into a hitman for the Dems. He brazenly rubs out Repubs gangland-style right on TV and nobody calls the cops.

  7. Well, Dkan71, Burton looks mixed and so that would make him a Negro. Since he probably doesn’t tell anybody or no one really knows, that would also make him an “incognegro” to me. On that basis, he’s both. Being biracial must be tough.

  8. I have to admit that sometimes, unfortunately, I skim through the post and just stare at the pictures of these two cause they are so extraordinary and adorable at the same time. I didn’t know those two words can go together but for them two, they really do.

  9. Wow! I hadn”t seen these pictures before. Michelle’s outfit is amazing. The woman knows how to wear clothes, and she doesn’t need $150,000 to do it!

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