Results Are In: Palin on SNL = Meh

From Huffington Post:

SNL alum Chevy Chase, who thinks Sarah Palin bombed on “Saturday Night Live”. “Quite frankly, it’s a big mistake to let her go on,” Chevy told Access Hollywood at the Give Food a Chance benefit in New York. “What was brilliant about [‘SNL’ chief] Lorne [Michaels] was that he had nothing written for Sarah and that apparently she cannot improvise herself out of a paper bag!…

“On ‘Weekend Update,’ that was her big chance,” he said. “Nothing.”

But Chevy was critical not only of Sarah’s comedic chops, but of the political campaign of her running mate, Sen. John McCain.

“The management behind McCain’s campaign has been dumb. This has only helped accentuate the problem of his judgment in choosing, in such a cynical way, a candidate like Sarah Palin for vice president. I think the last thing that they would want right about now is to have the rest of America knowing all that… to have her be seen on ‘SNL,’ certainly never there. If anything, you just want her to be seen just from a distance.”

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2 thoughts on “Results Are In: Palin on SNL = Meh

  1. I completely agree with Chevy. She was terrible on SNL. What was the point of her appearance? She didn’t really do anything. I should have just went to bed early.

  2. The only thing that saved last week’s show was the rap skit. Palin played it safe by not saying much and it worked, to some extent, to her advantage. She got credit for appearing on SNL without making more of a mockery of her candidancy. Let’s face it, she’s got the acting bug and will go into show business once this political gig is over.

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