Jon Stewart: F&*k All Y’all

In other Sarah Palin related humor, Jon Stewart told Gov. Palin to go perform an unspeakable act on herself this week for inferring that small town America is the only real America. Not that “fake” America Osama bin Laden took the time out to bomb. You know? The one Stewart and many of you grew up in. I’m left to assume she’s including me as well, a suburban born, urbanite.

Mama and Papa Snob are from the “real” America, rural Arkansas and Texas. Strangely, they don’t distinguish between the two other than in St. Louis they ditched the outhouse. Granny Snob, still living in “real” America says it was really air conditioning, LBJ and indoor plumbing that stopped “real” America from being a complete hell hole.

Below are clips from Stewart’s harangue in Boston followed up with a continued rant on The Daily Show Monday.

7 thoughts on “Jon Stewart: F&*k All Y’all

  1. Comedy doesn’t get any better than this. After watching the loons in these clips is there any question why most Black folk are Dems? Living in Washington,D.C. I guess I’m in the “fake America” too. This is insanity.

  2. I didn’t get a chance to watch all of the videos but I think the divisiveness that Stewart has spoken about goes both ways. While Palin’s “pro-America part of the country” maybe inane and derisive, many “big city” liberals have characterized small town or middle America as being ignorant, racist, unaware, and clinging to their religion and guns.

  3. It just more Jim Crow politics. Palin and her cohorts want rural Americans to believe they are actually better than the city folks. These are more coded phrases that Repubs have cleverly devised to speak to their base to get out the vote. It appeals to southern whites when someone is telling them to feel proud and superior. You can’t put out “Whites only” signs anymore, so the GOP resorts to this verbal apartheid that reassures “real America” of their favored status.

  4. I think Stewart is hi-larious– but more importantly, where did the Palin/Statue of Liberty picture come from?Also, um, would it be more scary that “middle America/real America” is actually that racist and ignorant, or if it’s not– but the idea that it *should be* sells well enough to put McCain in the White House?

  5. que fuerte!! as spaniards say. you and jon just totally made my day. it’s crazy those people actually believe that nonsense about being the ‘real america’. completely delusional and twisted by white privilege.

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