Two Weeks to Go: Funny Items Found Along the Way

Chances are if you read this blog you are considering voting for Barack Obama, my fair Hopey McChangey for president. Good for you. But no doubt, you may be exhibiting some symptoms of campaign fatigue as you wait for John McCain and Sarah “2012” Palin to come up with something sexier than Joe the Plummer to distract the populace. But why so serious? Sure, this is a really important election with big issues and our country is in dire straits. That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a little chuckle.

Rather than my usual menagerie of weird items with Barack’s face on it for sale, this Tuesday, with two weeks until the deed is done, enjoy the lighter side of the bitchiest political ever. Don’t forget to wear your anti-crazy amulets to keep Rep. Michele Bachmann from branding you as “unAmerican!” this Halloween! Joseph McCartney LIVES!

Here are some sad little cookies an overseas reader Lesa sent me regarding a pro-Obama function in London. As I wrote her, “Why do those poor cookies look like they have an Obama stamp stuck to them with Elmer’s Glue. I sure it’s just icing, but … very Elmer’s Glue.” I think I’ll pass on a bite.

19 thoughts on “Two Weeks to Go: Funny Items Found Along the Way

  1. Obama is so GQ (retro word) and he knows it. That’s why he’s even got a little pimp walk, if you’ve noticed. I’ve never seen a politician, except JKF–but that was another kind of cool–with that much political chic. In other news…Bachmann is definitely nutty and perhaps even a little bit slutty. When she calls into question people’s patriotism, I can see by her Zombie stare that she has a loose screw somewhere. It’s errie how she’s channeling Joe McCartney. I wonder whether people ever read history books anymore and see how they’re simply repeating the same tragedies of the past. I guess a lot are doomed to relive them, as the saying goes. I’m almost expecting Bachmann to wave a list of 57 Communists working in the State Department. If we keep this going, it’s a matter of time before we start holding more congressional hearings on un-American activities.

  2. All you plumbers in the house, git your hands up, all you mavericks in the house, git your hands up. All you Obamamanics, git your hands up! When I say Obama, you say Ayers! When I say Palin, you say No Way!

  3. That’s good stuff. Glad you posted the “i got this” one again so I could set it as my desktop background. As I recall, that came out when we we all freaked out in the immediate post- caribou barbie era and practically everyone was callin’ on a brotha to hit back hard and get old testament up in herr. He didn’t of course, and I learned from how he handled that period, not to doubt, cuz he “got this!”two.more.weeks.

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