Obama + St. Louis = 100,000

I realize that Missouri is a “red state.” Because of this some folks were surprised that Barack Obama pulled down his largest stateside lookie-loo turnout in my hometown Saturday, but in all fairness — St. Louis is the New York City of Missouri. The Democratic Party has run the city for decades now under the threat of no one, nearly all the self-identified Liberals are from here and a solid majority of city dwellers are African American. Also good chunk of St. Louis County (namely North County) is African American. And it was St. Louis and Kansas City who helped Obama win Missouri during the Democratic primaries.

So, if Barack Obama was going to haul 100,000 supporters out of the middle of the country we were the place to be. That doesn’t mean St. Louis is some black, Liberal Mecca. (God, no! If anything it’s so horribly the opposite.) And it doesn’t mean this feat isn’t impressive, because it’s obviously impressive. I’m just saying …

Missouri is complicated.

That said … stand in awe of the Gateway Arch, the Jefferson Expansion Memorial and more 100,000 people. (Photos by The Associated Press and AFP)

26 thoughts on “Obama + St. Louis = 100,000

  1. I am feeling totally freaked out. Totally freaked out. 100,000? And who do you say arranged the weather? (Let’s not go there.) 100,000 is 100,000 and it speaks for itself.

  2. Most impressive! I’m glad Obama still draws the huge crowds. I voted early on Friday (my birthday present to myself) and spent almost 2 hours getting a mail-in ballot for my mother. Although I wish I had worked on his campaign like one of my friends, I feel I’ve done my civic duty in some small way. I loved what Bill Maher said on Larry King the other day. He’s expecting a “reverse Bradley effect,” where even racist voters are going to secretly vote for Obama without their pals at the moose lodge discovering the truth. We can only hope. So be it.

  3. “…That said … stand in awe of the Gateway Arch, the Jefferson Expansion Memorial and more 100,000people.” And toss in some karmic justice in all her ironic glory: Just down the road -in the background actually- we can see the historic courthouse that started the ball rolling that led to the very informative case that has come to be known as Dred Scott.Love the pics.

  4. I’m struck by the irony of the shot of him with the Old Courthouse over his shoulder. Do you know if he referenced Dred Scott in his remarks?RL

  5. Missouri is NOT a solidly red state.That is a myth.We voted for the Democratic canididate in: 1996, 1992, 1976, 1964, 1960, 1956, 1948, 1944, 1940, 1936, 1932…We are a conservative leaning state, yes, but we aren’t a red state in the traditional sense that Mississippi or Kansas or Idaho are red states. In the last 4 POTUS elections, we were a blue state twice.What we are is a “bellwether state”… an accurate predictor of who will win the election. Missouri has accurately voted for the ultimate winner of every single presidential election in the past 100 years except one. In 1956, we voted for Adlai Stevenson over Dwight Eisenhower. Ironically, Stevenson happened to be the blue candidate in that election.

  6. I went to see Barack in KC yesterday after he left St. Louis. We had 75,000 to turn out and it was amazing! I made my first donation to the campaign a few days ago, and I am going to donate more after yesterday!

  7. i went to the rally and it was amazing! the weather was beautiful and barack was great. one of the highlights was riding the suuuper packed metrolink downtown with nothing but dems of all ages and colors. people were striking up friendly political convos with each other re: sarah palin,bill ayers, faux news etc. when we actually made it downtown, the line extended miles and miles past the arch. while in line, people were video taping, chanting O BAH MAH! it was unbeliveable. obamas motorcade rode by and people (including myself) went absolutely bonkers!! lol it was great! im so happy i went and i proud that my city came out in record numbers!

  8. BEAUTIFUL! It's good to see my area making history for something good, lol…. not just crime rates.(although the high crime is concentrated in certain parts of the City limits. Most of St. Louis County is quite pleasant).And Anonymous is correct… Missouri is not a solidly red State. If i'm not mistaken, Missouri has had twice as many Democratic Governors as Republican. Before Matt Blunt (Roy Blunts son), we had a Democratic Governor…and we are about to get another Democrat with Jay Nixon…who will win in a landslide in November. Missouri goes back and forth, and voters often split their vote. Dems do well in local politics, and they are competitive on the State level…But voters tend to lean Republican for their Presidential choices…. but not always. Missouri as a whole is more of a purple State. The rural areas are extremely Red…the cores of KC and St. Louis are extremely blue…and the wider KC and St. Louis Metro areas are purple. It's the 2 major metros (& their core cities) that determine elections here…and unfortunately it takes them a while to shift. I don't know what voters in this State were thinking in 2000 and 2004. But I think people are paying more attention this time…and are becoming (hopefully) a little more politically savvy than they were before. The only other area that I can think of outside of the 2 major metros where Obama might do well is in the city of Columbia Missouri (a college town).Thanks for the photos Snob.P.S.Is TJ aware that you are stalking him? Perhaps someone needs to give him a call. I know I would want somebody to warn me if I had a stalker.Then again… if you can get Robin Meade for me… i'd consider canceling that call. Seems like an even trade to me.

  9. And thank you, Angry Independent. I find nothing more fascinating than knowing the minutiae of Missouri politics. Please keep us posted on those wild and crazy state senate races too. Woo-hoo! Peace always

  10. barack is amazing. he electrifies people, inspires them, moves them…mccain and his republican thugs got nothing on him.

  11. Take this in brothers and sisters, for we are living to see the prayers of our foreparents answered. God is so good. This could only happen in America, and I feel so incredibly blessed to be alive at this moment.Let us be thankful that we’ve been chosen to see this day.

  12. For 4 hundred years we have waited in bondage for a deliverer to take us out of Egypt, and now soon, we’ll cross the Red Sea and arrive at Mount Sinai, where Moses (Barack) will receive the Ten Commandments. Seriously, this campaign season has been wonderful to witness. But I caution everyone on getting too over-confident. First, it ain’t over yet. And when it’s over, it’s only just starting. My apologies to Yogi.

  13. Since the story about the “black McCains” fails to show a genetic link with the “white McCains”, it really isn’t all that interesting. It’s like, so what? It’s a regular slave and massa story. If you had proof that McCain has some black blood in him, that would be ironic and riverting.

  14. Thanks for the historical reminder, Claude. I do remember that sad chapter in American history. I also believe there are no coincidences and that everything happens for a reason, so it’s appropriate that a massive Obama rally would occur in St. Louis.

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