The Snob Is Tired

Sorry for the zero-out-of-zero updates Friday. The Snob is pooped. I will be taking a brief respite over the weekend. The short version:

1) I took on a part-time job that is working me like a full time one
2) Random family medical drama (we’re all fine now!)

I might put up some posts over the weekend, but check back Monday for something closer to my normal schedule!

12 thoughts on “The Snob Is Tired

  1. I don’t know how you do it. I get tired just from reading. Getting some R and R is a good idea. We understand. Peace, light and blessings always.

  2. i concur with everyone else. you always give us great stuff to read, so take a break. we’ll see you monday or even tuesday, if u’re still beat. luvya!

  3. Hope you get better soon; we have to stop and rest when our body tells us “STOP IT AND LAY DOWN!!!”I don’t want to give you more work, but :-), have you watched the real Housewives of Atlanta?I love it and some of those women are off the hook like Sharee…Lisa is cool and someone I think I could hang with….Again let us know….

  4. Mmmm “…Random family medical drama” – welcome to my world. Your blog is MY escap-ism! Get your relax on – Remember, there’s only one you. And while chillin’ DO check out the “Real Atlanta Housewives” – my latest guilty pleasure! Check back during the week.

  5. Yeah!I’ve got an instructor/dominatrix/massah’ that’s working the BEE JEEZUS out of me. What the fizzuck is that crap all about? OH well…Wish me luck in my feature article writing class.Good luck, Snob Baby. Don’t let the MAN get you down.

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