Colin Powell May Endorse Hopey McChange Sunday

Gen. Colin Powell, seen here getting his swerve on at the Africa Rising music and fashion festival in London, is going on “Meet the Press” Sunday. Washington is a-buzz that the former Bush Secy. of State and leader of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (under the Poppy Bush) will throw himself onto Team Obama.

Earlier in the campaign, Powell was offering some foreign policy advice to Barack Obama, but had spoken favorably about both candidates throughout the election. Conventional wisdom is that it will be shocking if Powell doesn’t endorse Obama, considering that backing McCain would be a non-starter (and not-really-earth shattering,considering Powell is a military man who worked for two Republican Administrations. Granted, the last one shut him down once they’d used up all his credibility, but it was within the same political family).

FOX News has hilariously tied this potential endorsement with a news clip from Powell’s visit to London where he got up and did a little dancing with a musical act from Nigeria.

His address at the “Africa Rising” celebration inside London’s Royal Albert Hall fueled speculation that an endorsement of Barack Obama is imminent.

Powell — who has yet to back a candidate — told the audience: “I stand before you as an African-American. Many people have said to me you became secretary of state of the USA, is it still necessary to say that you are an African American or that you are black? And I say yes, so that we can remind our children.”

“It took a lot of people struggling to bring me to this point in history,” Powell told the audience. “I didn’t just drop out of the sky. People came from my continent in chains.”

I don’t know. Maybe this is part of some revealing “Oh my God! Colin Powell is some common Negro” journalism. Maybe seeing him with other black people, dancing of all things, then giving a speech where he acknowledged that African Americans have roots in … gasp … Africa, disturbed their sensibilities. I wonder if they remember his speech to the RNC a few years back and the large gaps of silence when Powell spoke about the reality of race in America. Just because you don’t agree on the role of government in American life or you have an actual foreign policy/war “doctrine” named for you, doesn’t make you magically stop caring about issues that effect black people. I swear.

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11 thoughts on “Colin Powell May Endorse Hopey McChange Sunday

  1. Haha, Colin gettin down! I think his endorsement of Barack Obama will be explosive in a great way!

  2. Horrible, yet not too shocking that Faux News is putting that sort of spin on his possible decision — seems like they are doing it to make sure that some people will not take him seriously for his possible endorsement.

  3. When I first saw that article I wanted to spit at the monitor.In other news, I am not a Colin Powell hater. I’ve seen him speak in person on several occasions and admire the hell out of him. In so far as the whole Republican thing, I think he just hooked his wagon to the wrong star (as did Condi who is riding it out). Besides, he’s a soldier. I believe he was acting on that more than anything. But that’s just my opinion.I hope he endorses Obama. As much as I hate to put race in this election, it IS a historic moment and Black Americans should be proud and supportive. Obama is an intelligent, capable, secular, non-controversial Black man who appeals to ALL segments of our population. I couldn’t get behind Jesse Jackson in ’84 or ’88 just because he was Black – he didn’t address my concerns OR fit my ideal of a president. Obama does AND he’s Black. It’s a win/win for us all.

  4. I don’t harbor much ill will towards Colin either. I primarily see him as a citizen-soldier. No matter your personal views, the military is a (hopefully) well-run, top-down dictatorship. The agreement is that the military is run by the civilian government no matter who is in charge of the civilian side. You can’t properly protect the country if you’re worrying about politics. I think Colin was fine with Poppy Bush because he came from the less “colorful,” old school conservative aristocracy that didn’t understand nor want to understand the mechanisms of the churchniks and “voodoo economic” lovers Reagan brought in, creating this bastard love child of conservative populism which leaves George Will covered in hives.Junior has rendered Poppy, Colin and millions of other conservatives like them “moderates” by today’s definition of conservatism. I don’t know where you go once the inmates have taken over the asylum … where you go from Party of Lincoln to Party of Reagan to Party of now even Reagan wasn’t conservative enough on some things to Party of WTF.I don’t know what you do if you’re a true limited government, anti-interventionist, free market, “keep your church from my state” conservative. Everything is about War Hawks and social conservatives now. I’d say go to the Libertarians, but even crazy Ron Paul won’t kick it with them anymore.And he’s crazy.But they can’t hang out with Dems because Democrats ARE populists and you can’t have TWO populist parties running around. If everyone’s a populist what the hell does populist mean then?Long story short: If Colin Powell was/is a Republican is there a Republican Party for a Colin Powell Republican? Because he seems logical and logic took the 2:15 out of Washington more than seven years ago.

  5. First of all, I don’t know how Powell’s hip-hop moves “fuel(s) speculation” that he’s about to endorse Obama. Had that line appeared in a skit or humor column maybe I would have smiled a bit. But it appeared in the AP wire story format, and that’s not only unfunny, it’s just plain wrong. Fox News has no shame, as evidenced by its extreme right-wing slant. Yes, I see that it was meant to quash the endorsement by denigrating Powell with his “gone native” persona in full bloom for all the world to see. To me the story and photo caption was as bad as saying, “The jig is up, Powell comes clear and endorses Obama.” It had the same feel of a smirky put-down from a late night comedian. Can’t you see it? It’s got a little racial smear and dancing reference, and a picture that makes Al Gore look like Eminem in comparison. I’m just so glad Powell wasn’t photographed eating a piece of watermelon this week because Fox would have ran with it, to be sure. Well, I won’t shed any crocodile tears for Powell. I believe when he came to the White House, he accepted a large suitcase full of money in exchange for towing the neocon line, only that it went further than he had originally thought.

  6. There are three possibilities (arithmetically):1. Powell will endorse McCain. (No, that won’t happen.)2. Powell won’t endorse either candidate. (Very much in character with the general because he maintains his bipartisan street cred with all his corp patrons who give him $100,000 to fly back and forth across the country to his speaking appearances.)3. Powell will endorse Obama (because the General needs the the next President more than the next President needs him.)Frankly, I’m stumped.

  7. i don’t claim to know what’s in powell’s head, but i would like to know what sort of finger and hip movements would you call that?

  8. “I think Colin was fine with Poppy Bush because he came from the less “colorful,” old school conservative aristocracy that didn’t understand nor want to understand the mechanisms of the churchniks and “voodoo economic” lovers Reagan brought in, creating this bastard love child of conservative populism which leaves George Will covered in hives.”You summed that up far better than I ever could and I agree. I read somewhere that Powell wasn’t impressed by the neoconservative brand of Republicanism and in the end I’m sure he felt used. Sometimes I feel it’s easier to deal with the old skool brand of Repubs (like old skool racists) as you know exactly where you stand. There’s no hidden agenda. Sort of a twisted honesty if you like.

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