Winkin, Blinkin and Bitchy

Out of all the things I’ve noticed about John McCain in the debates is how much the man blinks. He often looks insane, his eyes fluttering away every time Obama moved his lips. With every utter and stutter from Obama, McCain’s eyes went a-flutter. Sometimes in amusement, sometimes in frustration, sometimes in befuddlement and sometimes for no reason at all.

But that didn’t stop me from wondering what the hell was going on …

Top Ten Reasons Why John McCain Blinked So Much During the Debate

1. He has no sweat glands and it is his way to cool. Re: Eye panting
2. Chronic dry eye?
3. He was inspired by that guy from The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
4. He was blinking Morose Code to Cindy McCain, “Need to buy more Depends!”
5. He was flirting with the moderator.
6. It was 127 failed attempts of Sarah Palin’s patented “wink.” Just couldn’t get it right.
7. He was having a minor stroke
8. He is secretly one of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs — McBashful (McBashful has an alter ego called McBitchy. He was there Wednesday night too.)
9. He was catching the vapors
10. He was flirting with “his friends.”

15 thoughts on “Winkin, Blinkin and Bitchy

  1. What’s going on? Anger and contempt. McCain’s contempt of Obama is the kind normally reserved for gang rapists and child molesters.Let’s face it, sister, Obama possesses things that grumpy, dour McCain can only dream of now: He’s tall, dark and handsome. He’s young, super-smart, with a very logical mind; and he’s cool, even debonair, under trying circumstances… Oh, I forgot: he’s got a fine, intelligent wife.Oh, yeah: McCain’s doing some serious hatin!I got you lined at

  2. LOL..Love # 8, but seriously I thought McCain was having a stroke the way he was blinking so much.-MeanRose

  3. I don’t know why he was blinking so much, but I agree with your observations. The skin on his face looks a little tight, so could his excessive blinking be due to an eye lift or some sort of plastic surgery?

  4. It was a study of contrasts via split screen. Obama, the smartest kid in the class, is calmly sitting at his desk, cracking jokes with his classmates before the big exam. And then there’s McCain, sweating and tired, running wildly through his notes, trying to memorize stuff he should have learned last week. McCain grimmaces as he sees Obama chatting with a hot chick and looking confident. “Who does he think he is? He ain’t so smart,” McCain says to himself. “I’ll ace this exam too.” Word to McCain: You failed this class 3 times already, and you’re never gonna get the ladies.

  5. He looked like a little kid that was “telling” on someone. He kept looking around, licking his (dead?) upper lip, and grinning. He set me on edge with that–I thought he was going to lose his shit right up there on stage. I thought his handlers would have to come get him. He doesn’t look well, at all. Dare I say, I felt sorry for the old turd. He’s done and he can’t TAKE it. I bet that hurts. LOL!

  6. McBitchy was definetly there. I just wanted hand him a sanitary pad and tampon and a Prozac, he so all of over the place with attitude.Did I hear him smack his teeth one time? lol!I was just waiting for obama to gut punch his ass with a little Keating 5, but the class act is his didn’t.Great list!

  7. Clearly McCain is both ill and suffering side effects from that and medication. Or it’s just plain ol’ hate eatin away at him. More than likely both.Mr. Obama is without doubt THE coolest brotha on the planet right now. I am so pleased to see him give McCain the same “treatment” professional white folks use. The man knows the rules of the game and it’s beautiful to watch.

  8. That nasty angry man. I concur that he was having a massive attack of the vapors. Here he was, having it served up to him on a silver platter for the third time. Just what he gets.I went and personally turned in my absentee ballot today at my county courthouse. Can’t describe the feeling of triumph and accomplishment. This thing isn’t over by a long shot, even though Senator Obama is the epitome of style, class and self-composure. We’ve got to vote, y’all, and vote in LARGE numbers!

  9. The blinking may be related to the torture he experienced as a POW. A professor of mine in college blinked all the time as a result of being beaten by police for protesting in the 1960s. If McCain suffered some sort of nerve injury, the blinking could be a result of that.

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