Some Quick Observations About Wednesday Night’s Debate

John McCainiac gave his all. He huff and he puffed and he got really “eye-blinky,” but Barack “Hopey McChangey” Obama’s house refused to blow down. While the pundits considered whether or not the “angry,” Ayers-obsessed McCain would come off better than the slightly less peeved, but cowed McCain, early polls by CNN and CBS showed, once again, an overwhelming tilt towards Obama winning the debate.

This last debate was McCain’s last big chance to tell America what his vision for the country is. Instead I got a lot fussing, eye rolling and grunting, compounding with tons of wasted minutes on what will ultimately go down as the “Joe the Plumber” debate.

This was a lively exchange than the previous two debates, no doubt. Mostly because McCain’s body language and attitude were a raw, exposed nerve on a confused and irritated body. I once joked during the primaries that it seemed like Hillary Clinton was moaning R&B singer Deborah Cox’s 1998 hit “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here.” Now McCain has taken that ballad and turned it into a torch song to his misfortunes.

How did this Obama guy get here?
He’s not supposed to be here.
It’s bad enough I got beat by Bush last time.
My Purple heart says no, no.
He’s not supposed to be here.
Then Obama came along making me lose my mind.

This debate was largely the best debate though because of the format and the moderator, CBS long-time political reporter and host of “Face the Nation,” the pithy Bob Schieffer. Unlike Tom Brokaw, who came off petulant and prissy during the last debate, Schieffer breezed through, asking interesting questions that sparked lively debate while keep the training running on time.

Obama largely stuck to the “West Side Story” play book by humming “boy, boy, crazy boy, stay cool boy” in his head for 90 minutes no matter what flapdoodle came out of McCain’s mouth. That is an amazing talent of his. Plus, McCain heartily took the negative campaigning bait and did what the Republican base wanted him to do, but once again forgot all about the voters in the middle. The one’s who may have taken offense to him using “air quotes” when saying the word “health” in reference to abortion rights. Claiming health was an over used argument when the whole abortion debate is about health — health of the mother and health of the fetus.

Seriously. What was he talking about? Did he really go there? But I guess if you’re going to blow through the last debate, knowing that in all likelihood no matter what you say it won’t move the needle, why not act a damn fool? Sure, it’s about two debates too late. McCain does everything two or three moves to late. If he were boxing his own shadow (which he does at times), his shadow kicks his ass somedays.

Obama had opportunities to open up on McCain and probably would have if he weren’t sitting on a lead he didn’t want to blow. Obama didn’t have to do anything but keep from uttering a major gaff, or stuttering too much (which he did do at times). Other than that, if we’re grading the debate based on who accomplished their mission, the obvious winner is Obama. McCain threw everything, including the William Ayers sink at Obama and he just shined on through.

It’s “Groundhog Day” for John McCain. Every debate was “Grondhog Day.” It’s deja vu all over again.

Side note: More on Michelle and her dress later (and me getting um … a little tired of the pins). More pictures. Updates will be late today!

13 thoughts on “Some Quick Observations About Wednesday Night’s Debate

  1. More than one person has said that Barack has a stuttering problem. I have yet to see it as a problem. This is a man who is more eloquent than most people I hear in politics. To say that Barack has a problem with stuttering is a stretch.I remember when I first learned of McCain. I’m not a Republican, but I remember that I admired him. That admiration is now long gone because the McCain I remember then is not the McCain that I see now. The McCain that I see now is nothing more than an old curmudgeon with an anger management problem. There is nothing presidential about that. It’s pathetic, quite frankly. Jolie du Pre

  2. I loved this debate the most. I stood up cheering for Obama as he really made McCain look bad. It was like Ali in his prime, beating up some unworthy opponent. It was more style than substance, but that’s all Obama needed to put away the bedeviled McCain. Many times I shouted at the TV screen for Obama to knock McCain on his ass with a good retort. Obama refused to even answer a lot of shots because it was easier to watch McCain press his own self-destruct button. Boom! It was like watching a suicide bomber setting off explosives strapped to his chest. The worst part of the debate was how CNN commentators called it. All the Repubs and Dems on the panel basically said McCain won the debate. I was livid over their analysis. As the polling data trickled in that showed that a clear majority favored Obama, the talking heads started backpedaling and began criticizing McCain’s performance. Well, as they say in the movie business: “Nobody knows anything.”

  3. Obama is a cool cat, I only caught snippets of the debate but McCain looked like he was about to blow a gasket and Obama was the epitome of cool. I just wanna know how Barack stays so cool, then again its probably best its him running and not me cuz a sista would have been snapping on McCain.

  4. I honestly don’t think it’s in Barack’s nature to lose his cool. I think he really IS the guy we see on tv, in the paper, at rallies. He seems to be the same person all the time. Everyone one else noticed McCain and the airquotes around “health”, too, huh? Yeah… not a good look for him. It’s completely clear that he’s angry–he could barely be still. He was sneering at Obama… those side-by-sides did NOT do him any justice!@funkybrowchick: I have noticed his jowls… they’re scary. Especially, in HD! *gasp*

  5. Thanks for the link on racism in the campaign, Anonymous. I didn’t want to look inside that box, but I had to check it out. It was just what I expected. I saw all kinds of slimy, wiggly bugs and insects slithering around in there, just like ones you find under rocks. Someone needs to cover it up again. This also serves as a dire warning. Don’t expect everyone to sing “Cum Bye Ya” if Obama is elected. God forbid, but in some ways, I think he’s a marked man. I pray this is not so.

  6. Anger management… about depression to go along with that?! I thought McCain was about to cry when he started talking about the remarks made by John Lewis. “You didn’t repudiate that statement”, he said. Give me a break! You’ve got McCain’s supporters at crowds calling Obama a terrorist, uttering statements like “Kill him” and “Bomb him”, and Mccain doesnt bat an eyelash. As Mccain, once said, that’s not change we can believe in.I had some respect for McCain, but i see that dwindling by the day. I pray that this man does not end up stealing this somehow.

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