On Pins and Pearls

For the debate Wednesday night, Michelle Obama stuck with what she wears best — a solid colored, fitted sheath dress. This time, a just-below-the-knee navy blue. But there they were … back … WITH A VENGEANCE!

The pins.

I have a love/hate relationship with Michelle’s pins. Sometimes they’re a lovely compliment to the outfit. Sometimes they cause me general bemusement. And other times they look like the Mother’s Day president your kids got you while using their own money at the dollar store.

As always, Michelle looked pretty but I wasn’t feeling these pink and baby blue floral pins. Especially since they surrounded her innocent pearl necklace which could have made this appearance solo.

Side note: While McCain did have a high blink rate during the debate, check out the seventh photo where the McCaniac gives the wife, Cindy, a Palin wink raised by one Dick Cheney sideways grin.

16 thoughts on “On Pins and Pearls

  1. Snob!!! I love the pin/pearls combo with this outfit. I have been trying to find a picture of the type of shoes she was wearing? Flats as usual? I love this colour on her.

  2. I also didn’t love the pins. You also didn’t mention that her dress was too tight! This wasn’t the divine M’s best fashion moment, IMO.

  3. Are those actually pins, or are they part of the necklace? It seems like they are attached to the strand, not the dress…?

  4. You may be on to something with the Mother’s Day reference. Given the frequency of which she wears the pins, maybe it’s something that the girls pick out for her to wear? Or maybe she uses them to send out messages ala Carol Burnett’s ear tugs. Or maybe the woman just loves pins. Given the general past frumpiness of the Clinton and Bush women, I won’t begrudge this fashionable lady a questionable pin or two.

  5. I’m with you on the rose pins as barnacles on an otherwise lovely and classic set of pearls. Michelle needs to resist the urge to over accessorize with quirky brooches every now and again.BTW Snob, I was just reading Ta-Nehisi Coates’ blog re: Sistas on Barack/Michelle over at the Atlantic http://ta-nehisicoates.theatlantic.com/ and there were at least two shout outs to The Black Snob in the comments section. Word is getting out.

  6. Michelle was ravishing as always. I’ll never squabble about her attire because she’ll be the sexiest First Lady since Jackie O. If she keeps her figure and avoids the middle-age spread, she’ll remain hot-to-trot for many years to come.

  7. @dkan71I saw that too and TNC was damn right. Barack better keep treating Michelle and the WeeMichelles right or there will be hell to pay!

  8. I too think her pins look as if they are a part of the necklace. Because there’s no way my play stepmama would walk outside with those pins in disarray like that. No way, No Mam.She looks good as usual. I think the more snug fit looks nice on her.

  9. I thought Michelle looked wonderful(thank the lord she wasn’t wearing another floral number).And what the hell is John McCain doing?!?

  10. i wasn’t a huge fan of the pins-necklace, it looked a little too “hello kitty” for me…but michelle is gorgeous and she can pull off anything!!

  11. But that dress was slamming on her! She has an amazing body…she probably was wearing flats or a kitten heel because I can imagine when puts on some real heels she is looking at the top of Barack’s head. lol!I wasn’t too hot on the pins/necklace thingy. Maybe, the pearls alone…or if she still wanted to stay creative a beautiful beaded necklace of the that same color of the dress wouldve been fantastic.cindy McCain is making my head hurt with that orange. She seems so stiff.

  12. cindy mccain looks like a little general in that oversized suit. some get a tailor in there ’cause, damn.

  13. I love that you are telling the truth about Mrs. O and those tired a – – pins!!!!! Ha! They were truly a mess! AND the dress was a bit ill fitting. If you have to constantly pull on ones dress to adjust it……it’s TOO SMALL!!!! Sorry Michelle, I love you but this was truly a fashion DON’T!!!

  14. I keep on telling you…this is a Michelle plan…something a little ‘ off’ in the outfit…until November 4th…then, WATCH OUT!LOL

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