Will Smith, Wentworth Miller and … Strangely Pharell Williams Make Cosmo’s Sexiest man in the world list

The top dog was Johnny Depp (not surprised). Willy from Philly was number eight and my favorite “Incognegro” Wentworth Miller was number 10. (Gawker thinks this must be from the British Cosmopolitan Magazine.) Pharell was lurking at the bottom at number 23. I am absolutely clueless as how he got on the list at all.

Both Miller and Smith are on Athena LaTrelle’s The Great Wall of Sexy.

For more on the Cosmo story, click here. The list is below.

1 Johnny Depp, 45
2 George Clooney, 47
3 Jake Gyllenhaal, 27
4 Daniel Craig, 40
5 Brad Pitt, 44
6 James McAvoy, 29
7 JustinTimberlake, 27
8 Will Smith, 40
9 David Beckham, 33
10 Wentworth Miller, 36
11 Christian Bale, 34
12 Jonathan Rhys Meyers, 31
13 Take That: Gary Barlow, 37, Mark Owen, 36, Howard Donald, 40 and Jason Orange, 38
14 Ashton Kutcher, 30
15 Dermot O”Leary, 35
16 David Tennant, 37
17 Patrick Dempsey, 42
18 Clive Owen, 44
19 Pierce Brosnan, 55
20 Mark Ronson, 33
21 Gordon Ramsay, 41
22 Russell Brand, 33
23 Pharrell Williams, 35
24 Ryan Reynolds, 31
25 Olivier Martinez, 42

26 thoughts on “Will Smith, Wentworth Miller and … Strangely Pharell Williams Make Cosmo’s Sexiest man in the world list

  1. This is utterly ridiculous. It’s like the 10th year I didn’t make the list. Really, I hardly ever glance at these most sexy lists anymore. They’re truly boring now. It was fun when People started The Sexiest Man Alive” a couple of decades ago, but now it seems more silly and contrived. May be it’s fresh to some people. For the rest of us, they need to put it to rest, puleeze.

  2. Strangely Pharrell Williams makes the list? Honey Apple Pie, that man IS lovely. Well, to me. Maybe thats beause he resembles my husband. I just adore his skinney, milk chocolate, Asianiquen looking self. Now I can name about 10 other men on this list that are questionable.

  3. And Mr. Depp’s picture is conspicuously absent in your post because???Yes, IMO he IS the sexiest man alive, immediately followed by (per the list) Mr. Pitt, Mr. Rhys Meyers, Mr. Beckham and Mr. Smith. I’ll give a nod to the rest I do know, but I can’t handle more than 5 men at once at my advanced age.

  4. You mean to tell me that no one is going to point out that this otherwise excellent list (of course, it’s heavily weighted with Brits, which I’m all in favor of…Christian Bale, Daniel Craig, David Tennant, Clive Owen, Jonathan Rhys Meyers (ok, he’s Irish, which isn’t considered British, but still)…hoo boy, I need to fan myself. But then something utterly inexplicable appears…Gordon Ramsay??? WTF! Are they serious? Now look, I’m all for unconventionally handsome, and age ain’t nothing but a number (go Pierce Brosnan, with your hot older self!) but Gordon Ramsay? Ladies, or gentlemen, if you think he’s sexy, please come out of the kitchen (where you may have gotten overheated) and splain this to me! Cause I think of at least 20 men off the top of my head that could have taken the place of Mr. Hell’s Kitchen!

  5. I can see Pharell, but Gordon f’n Ramsey? Jeesh.Clive Owen should be where Justin Timberfake is; Timberfake should be nowhere in sight. That’s why I barely pay attention to these lists.

  6. all: I didn’t get Ramsay either. Even if this was the UK’s Cosmo.greer: Per why no Depp, I own a ton of pictures of Capt’n Jack and he is on the Wall of Sexy, which was the problem because 11 of these fellows are on the wall and I didn’t feel like diggin’ into the crates.RE: I’m lazy.I also wanted to point out the painful lack of diversity, unless by “diversity” you mean a healthy variety of your Brits, your Scotts and your Irish and your American Ethnically European mutts.And anonymous 3:29 p.m., Pharell was once cute to me, then became rapidly less cute over time, but I still enjoy his music.

  7. I would just like to say that as ridiculous as this all may be and who ever may be missing I think it is wonderful to have a few minutes to reflect on some of the sexaliciousness that is available to oogle. Lol…mmm, man candy…

  8. This is definately from the British Cosmo. More than half of the people on the list are British…and well, the UK only has so many good looking (white)guys, so there you go. I’m just mad that the black guys they put on there are American. There are some good looking Afro-Carribeans in the UK. I guess they just aren’t famous enough though. Or maybe they are too black for mainstream like Idris Elba (who is def. fine enough to be on the list.)Reference: Three years of living in the UK.

  9. Gordon Ramsay is only 41? I swear with all them wrinkles he was pushing 60. His white is cracking already?Wentworth should be #1, does Johnny Depp even shower regularly?

  10. What’s the matter with yall? Gordon Ramsay is HOTT! It’s all about his intensity, not really his looks. But I must admit I thought he was at least 60.

  11. A complete and utter waste of time and paper. Why aren’t the environmentalists onto these people?

  12. Can we ever get George and Brad off the list? I mean seriously. George has a turkey neck and Brad looks botoxed to all hell. I think he even wears hair weaves or wigs sometimes. They both have pee-paw syndrom dig time. There’s good reason why they don’t take off their clothes in the movies anymore and it’s not about being “serious” actors. I’m sooo over them both.

  13. Pharrell has got mad charisma and pazazz – this is probably what makes him hot. In terms of looks, he is also really good-looking. I guess he’s one of those men that requires an acquired taste for liking. Not everyone’s cup of tea but hot still! Hehe!

  14. This list is extremely dubious. Johnny Depp #1? Nah! Top 20- definitely, top 10- maybe, top 3- no way. Jake Gyllenhaal- talented actor, but far from sexy. IMO Pharrell definitely belongs on the list, but in the to 10 at least… And Beckham should be in the top 3. Oh, and Boris Kudjoe, Common, and Mos Def should be on there somewhere.

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