The Battle of New York

Hempstead, NY here we go!

Wednesday night is the last night for the presidential debates. This is it. No mas. Decision time!

Of course, I made my decision during the primaries, but for some reason there are people who still don’t know who to vote for. (Really? The campaign’s been going on for almost two years and they agree on almost NOTHING!) And I hope those people don’t expect tons of substance at a debate. A debate is theater. It’s about posturing, body language and communicating your message. It’s about not looking inept or ignorant or mean or unseemly.

Neither Barack Obama or John McCain are good debaters. Mad Dog Joe Biden could eat them both alive with his quick loquaciousness. But Obama has improved vastly since last summer and is obviously the better of the two top candidates when it comes to:

A) Not looking angry
B) Not coming off like a douche
C) Not getting off message

He’s still “no drama, Obama.” McCain is still the McManiac, McManiac on the debate floor! And his rambling like he’s never rambled before! McCain, behind in the polls with pretty much nothing to lose, claims he’s going to bring the fight to Obama.

Really? Is this debate going to be like Pickett’s Last Charge? What is he going to do that he didn’t do blandly in the first two debates? The William Ayers stuff isn’t working because, as Jon Stewart so aptly put it Tuesday night, the monster of fear and anger McCain has created became a public relations nightmare with Civil Rights activist and House Rep. John Lewis accusing him of reaching back into the archives and remixing Gov. George Wallace’s greatest hits. (Segregation now! Segregation today! Segregation forever!)

That was a low blow, but not really far off. McCain-Palin was really pushing the Rice Krispies end of the conservative continuum and they were ready to snap, crackle and pop all over his campaign.

Things will likely go smoothly and unless McCain goes feral (which he can’t do because going feral didn’t help on the stump). Despite his declarations to “fight” it should be another tepid debate with a slightly more congenial and lively moderator (Bob Schieffer of CBS). There will be some verbal sparring, but I don’t see McCain landing the heavy blow he’s looking for. How do you box a shadow? Obama somehow has mastered the art of debating zen — I am rubber, you are glue. Whatever you say to me bounces off and sticks to you.

That said, Black and Married With Kids is throwing other black bloggers live blogging debate night! To join in the fun click here.

5 thoughts on “The Battle of New York

  1. You are right while Obama is not the greatest debater, that brotha does manage to keep cool at all times. He is indeed a zen debater. That Jon Stewart clip was too funny!

  2. I know, I don’t understand these “undecided” voters. At this point, you MUST know who you agree with more. Either your voting on principle or conviction or strategy but it’s no mystery. These rare undecided voters that they feature on the news — they must just be people looking for attention!Watching the debate tonight might help someone decide but at this point these things are like a contest not to say something you’ll get made fun of for tomorrow. At my site, we do a preview of “what will they say” and it’s fun to see if we are right!Ericka AndersenCulture1www.culture11.comCommunity

  3. McCain’s look of disgust and dismay when the crowd starting shouting hateful stuff was worth a thousand words. It pained him obviously, and that’s a good thing because I wondering if he still had a soul. McCain trained these pit dogs to attack and now when they slipped out of their leash and start attacking people, he can’t claim that he doesn’t know what made them so mean. No, McCain, you didn’t actually sic the dogs on anybody. He just feed them gunpowder and that was enough to turn them into these gnarly beasts at the rallies. To the old lady who called Obama an Arab, I want to say thank you. I’ve been laughing for days every I see that clip. It shows the world how foolish a lot of Americans really are.

  4. at this point, there should be no undecided voters…i just cannot buy that any more…i think i will sit this debate out and just wait for the highlights…my mind is made up and has been made up since obama put his hat in the ring…

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