Michelle Obama: 21 Days and Counting

Her hubby is up in the polls. The competition is still hitting the panic button, reset button, release button, WTF button, mashing all the buttons, ol’ school Street Fighter game style in hopes of getting Chung-Li to bust a flying spin kick on accident. Is it up-down-left-right-right-down-left? How do you play this damn thing!?!

But Michelle and Barack Obama aren’t hitting any buttons. This is all about cruise control. Slow and steady (and ready) win the race. The more John McCain freaks and conservatives throw hissy fits in the press the better the senator from Illinois looks. (Not helping, Bill Kristol! Unless you meant to help, the Obamas. Then, thanks Bill Kristol, you hateful ass!) Not to defend McMaverick, you could wait until after he dies to throw dirt on him? I realize he’s decomposing as we speak, but last checked … he’s still alive! So this is no time to sit around on your laurels. This election won’t win itself, people!

Only 21 more stumping days left until the election! Please don’t let the past two years of Michelle Obama showing up to flash a grin and a wave be it. Don’t make me start singing Crowded House to Obama staffers about my dream of a First Lady named Michelle Obama.

Hey now, hey now
Don’t dream it’s over
Hey now, hey now
When the world comes in
They come, they come
To build a wall between us
We know they won’t win!
Don’t let McCain-Palin win!

Oh, the outfits she would wear! And yeah, there would be all that serious stuff too. But seriously? Do you think she’d do anything drastic tot he hair? Will she give Malia a perm when she hits 13. (Don’t do it!) These things a person NEEDS to know!

The following pictures are from a recent trip by Michelle to Minnesota to keep this thing rolling.

Pictures by Nancy Olsen of The Minnesota Independent and The Associated Press

10 thoughts on “Michelle Obama: 21 Days and Counting

  1. I’m dreaming right there with you on the full frontal fashion display that Michelle would enamor us with. The possibilities are endless.Can you imagine the likes who will fight tooth and nail to dress this possible first lady? And her hair…Michelle could easily get bangs and wear a ponytail and look 27. She’s so fly. My heart will explode from the joy.

  2. I am on pins and needles…21 days before I rest.from get together: “My heart will explode from the joy”At this point it is even hard for me to think about her being First Lady because my eyes start to tear up.

  3. ” ol’ school Street Fighter game style in hopes of getting Chung-Li to bust a flying spin kick on accident. Is it up-down-left-right-right-down-left? How do you play this damn thing!?!”great line.

  4. I want, of course, Obama to win. But I’m also careful of what I wish for, so I’m taking the attitude of “whatever will be, will be.” If it’s supposed to happen, it’s going to. That’s a great song by Crowded House, always liked it. Don’t even dream it’s over. Now, that’s obssessive love.

  5. Just imagine what Michelle will wear to their first State Dinner. OMG, this is going to be a wonderful 8 years.On the Malia hair “issue” I would also vote that she not get a relaxer. From the pictures I’ve seen, she (and Sasha, for that matter) appear to have a “nice grade” of hair that they can continue to style with a hard press or silkening treatment. But, I’m sure our First Lady will know what is best.

  6. Oh, I can’t even think about when the Obamas are in office, because it wmakes me want to fall down on the floor and roll around like Patti Labelle used to do (or still does). Even at this point I have to discipline myself to not immerse myself in Barack/Michelle 24/7–like, I have a hard time working! And especially when I read your blog, I feel like ten thousand helium filled balloons are hoisting me high in the air. Or I’m sucking the helium out of those balloons.A Black President. Black people are going to be crying in the streets (with joy) on November 5. We are going to go crazy–in a good way. The biggest party so far in this millenium. I can’t wait.

  7. Let’s put in a few hours for voting assistance, phone banking, volunteer to get people to the polling places. We can each do our part. We can’t take any vote for granted.

  8. Just finished watching the debates and I love Michelle, but the little roses on the pearls were a disaster! Enough with the clunky mix n match broaches. I’m not feeling these or the Christmas bows from the red dress. She could tone down the style a little bit or class it up with some truly stand out pieces. Just had to get that off my chest even tho’ this isn’t exactly the right thread.

  9. I will not front.Michelle Obama was the Topic Du Jour on the local talk radio station this morning. What would it mean to have her as First Lady? Nearly all the panel choked up with tears during their conversation…let alone the callers. for more than a few of us, November 4th is as much about MICHELLE as it is Barack.

  10. LOL, too funny! pushin the reset button, yep, Mcc/P need to bust a move. Love your blog, it makes me laugh out loud.

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