Extreme Obama: Car Edition

As you may have noticed, I’ve been getting flooding with Obama weirdness as the historic, record-setting, INSANE campaign roars to its end. Some have remarked that these artifacts make Obama fans look like quakes. My answer is, yes. But so does shouting “Drill, Baby, Drill” and saying “Maverick” five times in a mirror to see if an inauguration pops out.

Dammit! It’s just that angry, bee stung black slave again!

It happens to all kinds.

It is in the realm of the extreme where we separate the fan from the fanatic. The voter from the person who will be on hold with suicide prevention come Nov. 5th if their guy doesn’t make it across the finish line.

These postings are in celebration of the stalker-fans who take everything a little too far, but in a sweet, well-meaning way.

Peace sign Obama man from North Carolina by reader/blogger Adeshola Blue.

The Barackmobile (above) is an incredibly detailed and awesome possession of regular Snob reader Dory Edwards. Girl, you are one crazy Obama stan! Check her out in this local news report KPHO TV in Arizona. Right in McCain’s backyard too!

4 thoughts on “Extreme Obama: Car Edition

  1. Funny. Actually up here in Maine, I had the pleasure of speaking with a white Korean war veteran who is an Obama supporter who was rocking out in his own Obama car. Not as snazzy at that 2 seater but more like the peace sign man’s ride. Now I wish I had gotten a picture to send to you. Its cute, I love to see the Obama love sweeping the land.

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