The Great Wall of Sexy Draft

As always, I am looking for additions to The Great Wall of Sexy (always under construction), my effort to collect all sorts of people, dead and alive, who are hot.

Here are some recent nominations by myself and some readers. Please explain why you think this person is incredibly doable. Looks is not the sole factor of hotness. Personality, talent and intellect are also included. Like for instance, my favorite member of the Wall of Sexy includes a shy, multi-ethnic Princeton grad with prison breaking abilities. I also think Jon Stewart is sexy, as I’ve declared on the Wall of Sexy page that I would hit that. Seriously. And I’ve shamelessly hit on Rosario Dawson and Jill Marie Jones for being unbelievably good looking.

I’m so jealous.

Remember, the Great Wall of Sexy is a multicultural exercise. The man or woman of your lust can be anyone from Alex Wek to Scarlett Johanssen, Idris Elba to Simon Baker. And I have a dearth of Asian/Pacific Islanders on my hot wall as the blacks, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Spaniards, whites, all kinds of Europeans and Africans dominate the wall.

Tell me, baby. Who do you love?

Candidate #1: Ed Quinn
Nominated by reader Dory:

I am writing to make a case for adding the 6’4″, hunk of gorgeous man meat that is Ed Quinn to the Great Wall of Sexy. I have attached evidence in the form of several jpeg images. It is also worth noting that in addition to being easy on the eyes he’s a Berkeley grad, surfer, guitar player and all around nice guy who does charity work and everything. And he has a killer deep voice. He’s all man in the best possible ways. For you, it’s TJ Holmes, for me it’s Ed Quinn. Pleeeeeaaaassseee add him to the wall. It would make me feel so happy

The photographic evidence:

Candidate #2: R&B Singer O’Bryan
Nominated by Yvette:

Checked your Wall of Sexy, coulda-woulda-please ma’am one day add R&B singer O’Bryan?

The Photographic (and musical) Evidence:

Dig the crazy 80s, Micheal Jackson-esque military jacket and the pop n’ locking, moonwalking dancers.


Candidate #3: Actor Aaron Eckhart (Thank You For Smoking, The Dark Knight)

Why: Aaron Eckhart may be the best looking, best acting Mormon in Hollywood. And for a nice guy he plays a great villain.

Candidate #4: Singer Mya Harrison (My Love Is Like Whoa, Best of Me, the film “Chicago”)

Some people hate Mya, but I always thought she was hot. Yeah, sometimes she tries too hard. (My Love is Like Whoa … Fer real, sister?) But she’s a beaut and she can tap dance. I’d love to see her get into more musical theater, a la Jasmine Guy as that is what she was originally trained, studying with Savion Glover.

Candidate #5: Actor James LeSure (Vegas)

I like a bald head sometimes. I’m fickle in that way.

Candidate #6: Hong Kong Actress Maggie Chueng (Heroic Trio, In the Mood For Love, 2046 and Hero)

Maggie is gorgeous. She’s wonderful actress and can work the movie Kung Fu.

Candidate #7: Actress Debra Messing (Will & Grace, The Starter Wife, the film “The Women”)

She’s a redhead.

Candidate #8: Actress Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Heroes, the films “Spartan” and “Forgeting Sarah Marshall”)

I loved “Veronica Mars.” So sad when it was canceled.

Candidate #9: Comedian Bill Bellamy (How To Be A Player, Booty Call concert)

He’s begging you! Let his sexy in!

Candidate #10: Commenter protest pick, actor Jang Dong Gun (after disapproving of K-pop singer Rain making the Wall)

Candidate #11: Singer Nelly Frutado (Promiscuous, Say It Right, I’m Like A Bird)

Repping Canada-by-the-way of Portugal sexy.

*Earlier there was a mislabeled black and white picture of actor Thomas Jane under Aaron Eckhart’s ballot.

41 thoughts on “The Great Wall of Sexy Draft

  1. ED QUINN please!!! Oh good lordy do I love me all of him. That voice, those eight pack abs, those big googly green eyes, and the way he fills a suit (thank you Eureka) I cant get enough. Now his character went by by and I’m sad. So in honor of Stark’s honorable death, his actor needs to be universally sexy!

  2. Hello Ed Quinn and Jang Dong Gun. Where have you two been all my life? And I totally agree with you on Eckhart. If he’s in it I’m watching it. Loves him. Maggie Chueng and Nelly Furtado are just beautiful. And isn’t Kristen Bell the voice of “Gossip Girl?” I’m a fan just for that. Wish I had watched “Veronica Mars” when it was on.Names to add: Two from “Lost”-Daniel Dae Kim (who plays Jin) and Josh Holloway (who plays Sawyer). I don’t even like “Lost” and I watch for those two. And I would hate myself if I didn’t say Tina Fey. She’s probably mostly known now for the Sarah Palin sketches, but she was the one reason to keep watching SNL when she was a cast member/writer. And it’s really a shame more people don’t watch “30 Rock.” One of the funniest shows on television.

  3. Here’s my rundown:Aaron Eckhart–I would trade places with him any day. “In the Company of Men” is a great flick.Mya Harrison–That pouty, stuck-up black woman look turns me off.Nelly Frutado–The hottest on your list. I watched her “Try” video dozens of times, more than “Chocolate Rain.”My hot list nominations would be:Gwen Stefani–She’s a Marilyn Monroe knockoff, but she does it very well.Kim Kardashian–What’s not to like about a big booty ho?All of women of the “Destination Calabria” video. Those women in the band uniform miniskirts make me weak in the knees.P.S.: Find some cute Japanese ladies and some big breasted Brazilian women. My anaconda likes all kinds of women, especially those of color.

  4. @ Snob,I love Mya too. She is a great performer. Not the strongest voice, but she can sing and dance and even act. I remember seeing her on a now defunct FOX Network television show starring that dude from Party of Five and LOST….Matthew Fox, yeah, anyhoo, it was one of those ‘supernatural’ type shows. He went to see Mya’s character, a voodooiene and she explained the root that had been laid on him. LOL. Or something. Anyway, I’d love to see her in more movie roles as her singing career isn’t looking so great. 🙂 What I love about her also is the dancing school she founded in D.C. I remember reading an article where she talked about it and the kids and how much she loved it.

  5. Great list! Lots of eye candy. Damn whoever canceled Veronica Mars!I have to add my obsession to your list: Rob Thomas. Lead singer of Matchbox 20 and the voice behind Santana’s humongous hit “Smooth.” I um, love him.

  6. ZOMG! So happy to see my boy Ed Quinn getting represented! Yeahhhh!Others from this list who I’d deem worthy are: Mya, James Lesure and Jang Dong Gun.

  7. I agree with Maggie Chueng, Bill Bellamy and Jang Dong Gun. How about we add Sendhil Ramamurthy a.k.a. Mohinder Suresh (yes, I’m a nerd who watches Heroes) to the list. That’s one good looking American guy of Indian ancestry.

  8. Of your list, I’ll vote for Mya and Furtado.Michelle Yeoh (sp) is beautiful. She’s not relly pretty but I like the strength that comes across on screen. She just seems nice.

  9. The white actresses get plenty of coverage. I’d like to see either some less famous ones and definitely more variety. Now having said that I vote for my favorite HAPA actor Keanu Reeves. He’s known for not being too bright which I never understood. He’s very successful in a rather brutal industry and does a lot of charity work that he chooses to not discuss publicly. He’s not out pimping his relationship or children for publicity. Plus he’s private and I like a man of mystery.

  10. Just because you have advanced science degrees doesn’t mean you can’t be woefully naive. Neil Tyson is wrong when he says there are no signs of benign creator in the universe. The fact that we’re here is one hugh neon sign. And who says the universe was created only for us? We haven’t even investigated the billions of other galaxies out there, so we don’t have how many other intelligent life forms exist. We’re only infants holding a telescope to the skies and trying our best to make sense of everything. Tyson is laughably misinformed. That’s part of his charm. If he only knew. There is a spirit world, trust me, and I must assume–based on what I know–that there a greater spirit out of which all things come from.

  11. Hey, um, Snob? Um. please don’t take this as temerity on my part. I bow down to your general snobbery and heart all of your selections for your Great Wall of Sexy (especially Debra Messing. Redheads…). But, may I proffer a query?Where did you snatch your 1st jpeg of Aaron Eckhart? Because…I’ve spent a lot of time looking at Aaron Eckhart (and thoroughly enjoying it). I’ve also spent a lot of time looking at British actor James Purefoy, from HBO’s now sadly defunct Rome. And I’m pretty damned sure that first jpeg is a picture of James Purefoy, not Aaron Eckhart. If I’m wrong, I’m willing to concede. But I think you should just investigate, that’s all, because I’m about ready to put money on it. Both are lovely, so it’s six of one, a half dozen of the other really. But in the interest of accuracy…That said, I’m nominating the lovely Jonny Lee Miller, formerly best known from Trainspotting and as Angelina Jolie’s ex, now on ABC’s “Eli Stone”. And, speaking of Rome, Kevin McKidd, late of “Journeyman”, who will soon be bringing his Scottish lusciousness to “Grey’s Anatomy”. Oh, you know what? He and Miller actually costarred in Trainspotting, along with my Great Wall of Scottish Sexy perennial, Ewan MacGregor! Must have been something in the water that year. Oh, and don’t forget Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall. He is serial killer sexy, and that is damn difficult!

  12. yummmy…never heard of ed quinn, but me likes alot…i go back and forth with mya, but is gorgeous and is deserving of a space on the wall of sexy…oh snap, i haven’t heard from o’bryan since “lovelite” came out…he looks great…bill bellamy: i’ve seen bill live back when hbo’s “def jam comedy” was just starting out back in the day…sexy and funny…i’ve liked debra messing since “ned and stacy”…i think she has great comic timing…

  13. Zhang Ziyi of Crouching Tiger. I have never seen such a drop dead sexy actress as her. My other choice isn’t a person it is a scene in the movie the Bourne Identity. it takes place when Bourne has to disguise Marie. The care and tenderness he shows her when washing and dying her hair was a marked contrast to Nicolette in the bourne supremacy. Can you imagine a more intimate thing than a man washing your hair?My dis is Debra Messing. She is every homosexual view of themselves as a woman. faboulous with nothing to show for it. No tits, no waist, no hips and no ass. A profile in nothingness.

  14. I also adore Zhang Ziyi, although she probably doesn’t have any bu-tang either. Because she’s petite, I can still work with it and love her a long time.

  15. I love how money changes things! Because back in the day Bill Belamy was not at all hot, but now … he can bring on a wet dream while awake!

  16. Snob…I promise you that is not Aaron Eckhart. Look at the mouth. The guy in the b/w picture has way fuller lips and a whole different shaped mouth than the ‘real’ Aaron Eckhart don’t know who that dude is (looks German/Eastern European) or why that photo was mislabeled on that fan site and GQ, but I’ll bet you 1 meeeellion dollars that’s not AE.

  17. Frankly, the supposed picture of Eckhart looks just like a young Christopher Lambert of “Highlander” fame. That’s who I immediately thought of when I saw it.

  18. lets see..imma go with Aaron Eckhart (just on pure beautiful facial symmetry alone lol) and Bill Bellamy (having a sense of humor is uber sexy and half the battle!)

  19. Yeah first picture you have of Aaron Eckhart is not him at all. It’s not James Purefoy either. It’s another actor – Thomas Jane (this is the guy in that movie The Punisher).

  20. The video under candidate 2 should have had a NSFW warning before clicking. the “skin” totally caught me by surprise. Hopefully the network sniffers didn’t catch me lingering.

  21. YES! It’s Thomas Jane. That’s gotta be Thomas Jane. I stare at Eckhart whenever I get a chance and that just doesn’t look like him. Wasn’t Thomas Jane in that movie “The Punisher”.

  22. i have a suggestion for the “great wall of sexy”….billy wirth from the “lost boys” movie…he’s a renaissance man these days…he acts, directs, writes, is musician and an artist…and he’s half native american….

  23. I have a couple of suggestions:Kirk Acevedo: Loved him ever since I seen him in Oz. Cillian Murphy: He’s got that sexy yet creepy thing going on. Oguri Shun: Japanese actor. Go google him, it shouldn’t been hard to find pictures of him. He’s constantly doing commericals, movies, and tv series. Gotta love a man that keeps working!

  24. Snob, I don’t know how Ed Quinn is not number one on the great wall! 🙂 In fact, Mr. Quinn should have a wall all by himself!!! Dude is so hot he is nuclear!!! If you have not watched the first two seasons of Eureka, you should. Woo hoo!!!And yeah, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is astrophysically hot!Finally, James Purefoy made Blackbeard ridiculously sexy and Blackbeard was not a nice guy!But seriously, if you have not done so, please add Ed Quinn!

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