The Famous For Obama

Spoken word poet Saul Willams and actress/animal rights activist Persia White at an Obama event last week.

Famous people just can’t seem to get enough hope! (Even when they’re among the few who can afford it in this economy.) Here is a round-up of some celebrities for Barack Obama, from actor Forrest Whitaker at a Benton Harbor, Mich. “Campaign for Change” meet-n-greet Oct. 9 to a “Vote for Change” photo shoot by Shepard Fairey from Oct. 7 in Los Angeles.

Is it just me, or does Forrest look like he’s researching a role as (fill in the blank) politician here?

Rosanna Arquette wants some change.

So does the aforementioned Saul Williams, who would like to give Congress his “list of demands.” They’re written on the palms of his hands. Like he wants his money back and he’s down here drowning in your fat, Washington. (OK. That should be a campaign song.)

OK. Who wins hands down for looking the hottest at the Barack Obama celebrity photo shoot? It’s actress Persia White. Something about wanting to vote for Barack brings out the hot-in-black fashionista in her.

Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh for Barack. He wants him to “whip it” as part of his platform.

NCIS’ Pauley Perrette looking like she always does.

Actor John C. Reilly, all casual (and kind of fugly) for this event.

Jill Marie Jones Tracee Ellis Ross (I know the difference, don’t know what happened there!), like her cohort Persia, decided it wasn’t good enough to wear the T-shirt. She had to wear it and look smoldering. Black girls know how to do it.

Pro-skateboarder Danny Gonzalez skates for Barack and isn’t he just adorable?

And Red Hot Chili Man, Flea, with his adorable daughter wearing those hideous Crocs for Obama.

15 thoughts on “The Famous For Obama

  1. I like to see celebrities supporting issues I agree with. When I see Dean Cain and Jon Voight mouthing off their conservative views, I don’t want to see any movies they’re in. That’s the way that goes.

  2. Persia = gorgeous. Love her outfit. Girl crush!Saul’s shirt makes him look…geigh. LOL.Tracee Ellis Ross is looking OLD 🙁 But I still love her! Girl crush! LOL

  3. Maybe it’s the cynic in me, but I wonder how many of these celebs truly critically analyzed the issues or following the pack. Like the “green movement” and “free Mumia”, or free “the jena six” or “free genarlow”, are they just lathing on to the latest thing.

  4. I think a celebrity should be relevant if they are trying to promote something. I mean do people care what has beens think about politics? Sorry Persia and Tracey. Maybe I would have cared about you 10 years ago.

  5. danny gonzalez is a cutie pie…and while i support anyone who chooses to practice their religion however they wish, forest. persia and saul are practicing scientos…i didn’t think they allowed their followers to politic…but then, what do i know?

  6. I really wish Tracy Ellis-Ross would Barack a bra. I hate that people in the IBTC think they just cuz they are small no one can see they are saggy too- just my peeve-

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