It Would Be In Missouri, Way to Go!

From Gawker:

A roadside billboard sprung up in West Plains, Missouri, recently, featuring a caricature of Barack Obama wearing a turban along with the message “Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama equals more abortions, same sex marriages, taxes, gun regulations.” While some members of that community are shocked and disgusted—the Obama campaign dismissed it as “a distraction”—other locals are of the opinion that if you don’t like that sign you can drop dead.

Thank you for not disappointing me with your racism and ignorance, Missouri. Makes me feel right at home (and put in my place as a Negress). Kudos to you, ignoramuses!

7 thoughts on “It Would Be In Missouri, Way to Go!

  1. Awful, really I would have never thought racism was still that strong in the US … but then I saw this video …

    Really it’s more than a distraction .. it’s plain scary …

  2. I appreciate the campaign dismissing it as a mere distraction (damn, Obama is so classy), but part of me wants someone else to erect another sign that says:John McCain Equals More:- sick people with no healthcare- Sarah Palin- dead troops- failed market systems- big breaks for big businessSee and that’s still not mean or bigoted, that’s just the truth.

  3. McCain’s only hope toward the home stretch was to “go negitive” and try to raise doubts and fears about Barack. Not only did it backfire terribly, but it brought out into the sunlight the most ignorant,backwards,indeed racist elements in this country. Will somebody please send civilization to these damn people!

  4. As a resident of St. Louis, Missouri (pronounced, “MIS OUR REE” by those who usually aren’t of the WT sensibilities – I apologize – again – for the morons that inhabit much of my home state. This is unbelievable and unforgivable. Me, I’m of the opinion that the more coverage this stuff receives, the better, including McCain angry, frightening racist mobs, etc. These whack jobs are doing their candidate no favors, and are simply revealing themselves to be the racist rednecks they are. This is really, really off-putting to independents, more than any racist hit job these cretins could ever muster against Obama. My friends, coworkers and I are all voting Obama 08!!!! I hope and pray STL and KC will be able to carry the day for Obama. We are, after all, his state’s next door neighbor.

  5. I totally missed this post. Maybe there was an angel blocking it from my view. The election is really bringing out the freaks, sickos and deranged lunatics in our society. Missouri isn’t worst, it just probably has a higher concentration of them. Beam me up, Scotty.

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