Bits O’ Fluff: Britney Spears Looks Sober (Yay!) and Mark Wahlberg Hates SNL

I was seriously worried about Britney Spears. Seriously. I don’t like to see anyone go off the deep end. It’s ugly, even if you’re a fluffy pop tartlet. That said, why is it that Britney can get such a fun, funky, tight dance/disco pop production and Janet Jackson has been recycling “Janet.” for a decade now? Janet would have tore “Womanizer” up, especially since she and Britney (and Madonna) are trolling the same region of the female sexualized pop. Anyway, nice work.

And Mark Wahlberg, who I adore despite his questionable acting skills is unhappy with Saturday Night Live. Wahlberg was a charter member, first draft pick for my Great Wall of Sexy based on his 90s era underwear model work alone. I loved him as a bigoted, angry cop in “The Departed” and I loved him as an angry, ex-military sniper in “Shooter.” He plays good angry and I will probably watch “Max Payne” for him and Amaury Nolasco alone. If he ever wins an Oscar I have a fantasy of the band striking up “Good Vibrations” for old times sake. But even I was confused by SNL’s Barky Bark and the Donkey Bunch skit where Andy Samburg, looking nothing like him, but sounding a bit like Walhberg, talks to animals in a Bostonian-by-the-way-of-the-Bronx accent.

Um … I didn’t get it. Neither did Mark.

From Huffington Post:

Someone showed it to me on YouTube. It wasn’t like Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin, that’s for sure. And “Saturday Night Live” hasn’t been funny for a long time. They’ve asked me to do the show a ton of times. I used to watch it when Eddie Murphy was there and Joe Piscopo and Bill Murray. I don’t even know who’s on the show now.

12 thoughts on “Bits O’ Fluff: Britney Spears Looks Sober (Yay!) and Mark Wahlberg Hates SNL

  1. See… I’ve been worried about Brit Brit forever. Sure, her jabbing at the paparazzi with an umbrella whilst bald was KINDA funny. Mildly humorous (read: effin’ hilarious). But, I always felt bad for her. I’m glad she’s on the road to getting it together. It’s not like she’s completely talentless either.Mr. Wahlberg would be right about SNL. I haven’t watched it (except to see Fey as Palin) in a long time. The funny crew left a long time ago, although I did love Finesse on there.Will Farrell, Cheri Oteri, Chris Kattan, Tracy Morgan, and the rest of that crew… THEY were funny. Hilarious!Thanks a lot, Snob… “Good Vibrations” and visions of his oiled pecs are in my head. FEELITFEELIT! Argh… hehehe!

  2. I agree that SNL used to be much funnier back in the day when Phil Hartman and Dana Carvey were on there. The new SNL is okay, though they should really get rid of Kel. He used to be funny on Kenan and Kel, but seriously, he is the same guy in every sketch. I guess he’s the new token black guy, ala Tracy Morgan (though Tracy is a lot funnier on other stuff like 30 Rock.) That “Barky Bark and the Donkey Bunch” skit is funny because it’s quirky, just like other Andy Samberg skits (like his digital shorts). I think it’s one of those things you have to watch a couple of times to get.

  3. Come on, Snob, you know the main reason Janet isn’t getting first dibs on the songs anymore. She’s in the 40-plus crowd and that’s ancient for a pop princess. While the woman still has gams and a nice booty, she’s a little long in the tooth to shake it like Britney. Don’t get mad at me, that’s how the music industry sees it. Janet does need a career overhaul and she should try doing more mature music, such as torch songs, maybe. I have to give Britney credit when it’s due. She’s filled out nicely since having kids and really has that sexy MILF thing going now. I don’t like today’s pop tarts, but I love watching that “Womanizer” video. Delicious! Also, I never got that Marky Mark thing with the underwear. His initial appeal–white rapper/male model–totally escaped me. As I saw Wahlberg later in movies like “Perfect Storm” and “The Departed,” I became convinced that he has talent. I was surprised to SNL spoofing him in a skit, though, since he’s not so topical these days. Like most of the things SNL does, it was mildly amusing. Anytime you have Wahlberg’s Boston/New York accent, you’re going to get laughs. It’s right out of Central Casting. Samburg’s got Wahlberg’s number with that impression. His voice sounds breathy, threatening and scared, all at the same time.

  4. OK, draven7, your argument about Janet would be valid if it wasn’t for Madge (and thanks for the oh so eloquent references to her body parts and age). She’s still selling out stadiums. I don’t know how her Sticky Sweet Tour will do, but Confessions blew other concert competitions out of the water. And she just turned 50. Producers and pop stars are still clamoring to do singles with her and she’s a Brit fan to boot. I don’t what the heck is going on with Janet, but like Snob said she keeps recycling “Janet” (and I loved that album), but her latest creations have been lukewarm at best. Janet (and plenty of others) could have done “Womanizer” justice, but Brit owns it and I’m glad she’s (almost) back on her A-game. And Wahlberg sounds lame talking about SNL. He should be happy they deemed him relevant enough to parody. I don’t know about this skit, but I think Andy’s digital shorts are super duper.

  5. marilynjean: Marky Mark is not known for his sense of humor. But I love him anyway.And one of Janet’s problems is that she clung to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for too long, rather than hoping to the hottest producer of the minute like Madonna. Her loyalty is admirable (considering they gave her Control, Rhythm Nation and Janet.), but something’s gotta give. But her brother had the same problem as he kept trying to remake Thriller.

  6. Okay, Marilynjean, you made a few valid points. I guess record labels and producers just don’t make a beeline to aging singers, you might say. When is the last time Michael Jackson, Madonna, or Prince had a really big (huge) hit? Janet isn’t fresh. She’ll continue to sell out stadiums like Tina Turner, but the creative types in the music industry aren’t flocking to them. As far as I’m concerned, Janet could have shook her moneymaker as hard as Britney in the “Womanizer” video.

  7. Hmmm.I have to say, after coming off the high that is the new Beyonce video (the woman can do NO wrong by me), Britney kinda disappointed me.The treatment is “Toxic,” re-heated. And the poor guy gets punished just for looking at women. Geez, let him do something first.Alright, I’m off my shaking-shimmying-pop-music-loving soapbox.

  8. I thought the SNL skit was kind of funny/quirky. His voice was spot on, but his face looked like Ray Romano (From Everybody Loves Raymond)!

  9. It’s nice to see Brit back. I have a lot of cousins her age who’ve gone through more drama in their lives.(But they’re quick to hate on Brit)Marky-Mark – He was the ish in the Departed (when he popped Matt Damon – all cool like dat and just walked away).

  10. I think Wahlberg is more offended by people referring to him as Marky Mark more than anything else. He can’t live down his past, it seems.

  11. Britney I can take or leave but am glad also that she seems to be back in the land of the sane and healthy. I agree with Wahlberg….I really don’t watch SNL anymore. I think the last vestiges of my viewership reside when Sandler and Chris Rock had their tenure on the show and even then, it was shaky. 😉

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