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Saturday Night Live’s Thursday Debate parody … best part, Bill Murray on the Cubs, Chris Parnell’s excellent fake Tom Brokaw cutting off people and Darrell Hammond’s McCain aimlessly wandering into the shot. I still hate Fred Armisen’s Obama, but I’m learning to live with it, much like Amy Poehler’s Hillary Clinton, who, initially, I wasn’t wild about either.

I didn’t see the skit when it originally premiered because I’m all about “Grey’s Anatomy” and I don’t own The Tivo. But Grey’s was good Thursday night. (The hospital flooded! Meredith and McDreamy’s relationship still makes no sense! Why is Lexie in love with George? Why must everyone want George?) I need my Grey’s in my life. I’m very much waiting for them to find away to bring back the hot military combat surgeon from the season opener so Sandra Oh’s Christina Yang can get some.

I have a thing for men in uniform. I still love the intellectuals, but if I could find an intellectual who could kick another man’s ass? That would be my dream come true. Anyone know a hot SWAT team officer who reads Ralph Ellison?

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  1. The only reason I tuned into the season premiere was to see Kevin McKidd…my mother watches GREY’S but alas I only occassionally tune in to see McSteamy or the new dude Mc?[has anyone nicknamed him yet?}Anyway…Sandra Oh’s one lucky actress 1st Isiah Washington AND now Kevin McKidd. By the way if you by chance wanna see more of Kevin McKidd I highly suggest the HBO series ROME.

  2. You’re right about Fred Armisen’s impersonation of Obama, Snob. It’s not very funny, although in all fairness, Obama doesn’t really have characteristics that are ripe for lampooning say like Palin, who’s a goldmine for jokes. Give But give Obama some time. I didn’t see Clinton as a barrel of laughs at the onset, but Phil Hartman managed to get plenty of laughs out of him. Of all the presidents in recent memory, I don’t think George Bush has been the best to parody, strangely. I guess he’s funnier to watch in person than see someone imitating him. Here are my favorite female uniforms: Maid, Nurse and Cheerleader.

  3. Wow, I’m a late bloomer because I just got hooked on “Rome” last week through Netflix. I’m really surprised that HBO turned out such a terrific miniseries. McKidd is very good in it. I’ll leave the hunk stuff for the ladies.

  4. I’m not too keen on Armisen either; but, I place that at the foot of Lorne Michaels. He always had a problem with diversity on that show as far as I’m concerned.Where’s Maya Rudolph’s replacement? How about getting another Black/Puerto Rican/Asian/ player to round off the set. Although, I think Armisen is part Asian, or Hispanic, I don’t know.On the uniform tip: Does he have to be a SWAT team member? Can he be a fireman or a paramedic? How about an enlisted man, Snob? We have got to explore all of our options, girl!

  5. culinarychick: Oh, don’t let it be misunderstood. I will take all sorts of intellectuals with licenses to kill or save people or defend people. It taps into some part of my brain left over from primitive times where all women were programed to want the biggest, tallest, strongest, healthiest man to make babies with. That’s why so many athletes have an easy time getting laid. I just want someone who can kick ass and be smart. The downside of a He-Man is a lot of them are as dumb as a box of rocks.Back in Bakersfield I knew this Army reservist who’d served in Iraq and he was beautiful and sweet and laid back, but we absolutely nothing to talk about. Other than the fact I was sexually attracted to him everything else was just dead.Also my dad, while not a military man, cop or fireman, is tall and big and can kick someone’s ass. But he also has a degree in architectural engineering. So like a lot of women I’m subconsciously looking for a better version of my old school, “man is supposed to protect and support his woman and family” guy. He’s the strong quiet type and he would/will/has protected and supported his three daughters and his wife of 36 years.And if to protect us that means throwing down, so be it. He’s always prepared. So were both my grandpas. It’s in my DNA to want this.

  6. I don’t understand why we have to “live with” Fred Armisen’s Obama (he’s a better Prince) when this guy is available:

    I’m going to blog about him today.

  7. On your last question: LOL! Let me know if you find someone like that. :-)I agree with you 100% on SNL on Thursday night, particularly when it came to Bill Murray the parody of Tom Brokaw. Hilarious!Finally, I’m a little late, but Happy Birthday! May it be the Year of the Black Snob.

  8. Another great snl skit! It really was one of the most chaotic debates I’ve ever seen–McCain runnin’ around the set, standing in front of Barack and getting WAY too close to people, Brokaw cutting the candidates off and being way too snippy…snl has got it down my friends.

  9. nichelle: I LOVE Fred as Prince (and Maya Rudolph as Beyonce). He’s short and perfect as my favorite freaky musician. But as Barack they’re really pushing it.deb s.: Believe me. If I meet that guy I’m going to be screaming his name from the rooftops.

  10. I saw the Obama link and that comedian does one mean impersonation of him. Hammond’s one of the best comics today, given his ability to mimic just about anybody. I started checking out SNL this season again after tuning it out for many years. I was a hardcore fan since the night it premiered in 1975, and watched it through its golden years with Chase/Belushi/Ackroyd/Murphy and during its renaissance period of Carvey/Hartman/Farley, which had followed several lousy seasons. I hope the show is headed for another high-point because I really missed the witty political satire. SNL has always had ethnic and gender problems in its casting and writing. Unless you’re a break-out star like Eddie Murphy or Tina Fey, you don’t get much face time in front of the camera. It’s nice to see a woman popular on the show again. They really haven’t had one since Jane Curtain and Gilda Radner, and how long has that been? As an aside, I’m so happy that “An American Carol,” a low-rent comedy from the right-wing, is bombing. I read the reviews on RottenTomatoes and I balled out laughing. It serves them right for trying to poke fun at liberals. They should know better than to mess with the left.

  11. Mmm. Men in uniform. Especially US Navy JAG Commander dress uniform.Men in general – meh. Only needed for sex, friendship, nevermore love.@nichelle – that young man does a great Obama, just doesn’t have the look. Obama has a lot of parody potential, I just think people may be afraid to take the chance of being told they went over the line. Too bad really.@draven7 – Rome is awesomesauce! 2yr run was NOT enough. No cable or satellite but trolling the web for First Blood episodes. Horribly addicted to vamps.@Snob – when the right one for you comes along, you’ll know it. When he does, hold on and enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts. Make every moment of it count.

  12. Right on, Greer, regarding “Rome.” I’ve gotten over vampire habit eons ago. I was into Anne Rice long before it was fashionable and still quite creepy. Incidentally, I’ve had this screen name since 1994 when I became an AOL member (no longer now). It’s based on a nickname given to me by some friends, who called me The Rave. Later, people started associating the screen name with the movie character Eric Draven in “The Crow,” which I never saw, and dracula films that I never really cared about, except for “An Interview with a Vampire,” which turned out to be a good adaptation of the book. I’ve been into goddesses for the last several years. That’s just TMI, huh? Peace always

  13. I’ve been fascinated with vampire mythology since reading Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” as a kid, never outgrew it. Ann Rice, been there done that, purist re the movie adaptations. Her “theory” is as good a one as any. I like watching different takes on incorporating them into modern society hence the new addiction to True Blood. Goddesses, huh? Let me know if you want some decent reading on them sometime.

  14. Lay it on me, Greer. Hit me up on what to read on Goddesses. I’ll check it out when I get back. Stroker’s Dracula had a few good scenes, although it really didn’t do it for me for the most part. I loved one line from the movie: “I have travelled oceans of time to find you.” Very cool indeed.

  15. Funny clip…I do not like the guy playing Obama, sounds nothing like him. Have you seen this clip on you tube:

    I think SNL should hire this guy right now…btw love your blog,I accidentally stumbled upon it when I goggled Amy Holmes’ fine self…

  16. @draven7 – start here – “The Goddess, Power, Sexuality, and the Feminine Divine” by Shahrukh Husain. Not deep, but a very nice overview of the history of the Goddess in all cultures and religions. Gives you good stepping off points for whichever of Her incarnations interests you. After that I’ll find something to blow your mind 🙂

  17. Groovy, Greer, I’ll check out that book. It sounds interesting, thanks. I’ll read the reviews first and if they’re good, I’ll ordered it. BTW, TYK27, Nichelle provided that Obama link earlier, FYI. Peace and light always

  18. Ugh we know why everybody’s supposed to be into George. That whole gay slur nontroversy was for that peon’s interest. I am so not impressed with Grey’s anymore, but maybe I’ll rent last season to get a glimpse of Kevin McKidd.

  19. faith: Yeah. I was on Team Burke and got burned for it. But I can’t give up my love for Isaiah Washington. I just think it got blown out of proportion unless Isaiah was faking all that gay tolerance for all those years.Last season was rather crappy. Especially with the George-Callie-Izzie triangle which wasn’t remotely believable. As in, I didn’t believe that either hot as hell Callie or hot as hell Izzie would want his ass. And Izzie and George has a brother-sister relationship making it super gross.This season they’re nowhere near one another and Lexie has become the new Izzie. Which is unfortunate, but at least she appears to be George’s speed.But the season opener with Kevin McKidd was hot. And he was hot. And he and Sandra had crazy chemistry. I loved it so much.

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