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I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday this week. You are guys are much too much. You always give me so much love and incredible feedback. Since January you have given me more than 236,000 hits to prove your snobby devotion.

If you’re a new reader of The Snob — bievinedos! Welcome! So glad you are liking what you read. Lately it’s been wall-to-wall politics, but don’t let the smooth taste fool you, I actually have a more diverse palette of interest, but the politics is mas sexy right now (and mucho, mucho dirty) that it’s hard NOT to resist writing about it. From the absurdness of the McCain campaign to the absurdness of some over-the-top Barack Obama lovers, the whole thing is like a chocolate covered trainwreck. But for long-time readers here’s a brief rundown of the other things I like to ruminate on for The Black Snob:

Incognegroes: Black people who don’t look like black people
White people who look like black people (I’m talking about you Jeffrey Toobin and Bob Barr!)
Profiles In Sexy: A look at people who are sexy, why and why not and why they’re on my nom de plume, Athena LaTrelle’s Great Wall of Sexy page on Flickr
The color line within the black community
Google Stalking TJ Holmes: My love for the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of TV News
Black entertainment and celebrities
Real life drama series like “Mothers and Daughters” and “Doomed Romance
Media personalities and the print/television news media
The Limits of Blackness, nee: things that are “too black” (or too stereotypically black) for me.
Race and gender issues
Sexism within the black community
International relations
The bougie, suburban experience
St. Louis, Mo. and my own, personal jihads (for those who don’t know the word jihad simply means “struggle.” Not kill the infidels.)
And much, much more …

When the election finally reaches it’s climax, I will still write about politics, but I will return to my old format of mixing it up more.

Until then, enjoy The (Almost) All Barack, All McCain Variety Hour Blog, starring Barack “Hopey McChangey” Obama, Michelle “La Femme” Obama, the Obama girls, John “Johnny Mac/McMaverick” McCain, Cindy “Cougar Billionairess Barbie” McCain, Sarah “Punky Brewster — Cheerleader-In-Chief” Palin, Mad Dog Joe Biden, Todd “I’m a Pimp” Palin and a cast of thousands!

I’m also going to try to figure out why this page is so slow in loading (unlike the SCAN blog which has three columns, but pops up relatively quickly.)

9 thoughts on “From the Desk of The Snob

  1. You’re the second person who’s brought up the fact that Bob Barr looks black, Snob. I always thought this about him and find it ironic that he so conservative (or libertarian, take your pick). Americans are well aware of miscegenation in the black community, although it’s seldom mentioned that many white people have black blood in their geneaology. Long ago, a significant number of light-skinned blacks basically “crossed over” to the white race, while their family histories were forgotten or expunged. I can almost guarantee that Barr has some black blood in his family, but he ain’t tellin’ or perhaps doesn’t know. Now regarding Jeffrey Toobin, he looks like a typical New York Jewish guy. Of course, he could have picked up some black blood from his family sojourns as Sephardic Jews many years ago. After all, the entire human family comes from Mother Africa, so everybody has a little black in them–or rather a lot of black.

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed it. Started reading about 3 months ago and love your blog. Since I am way past 31 – I am also glad I can still relate and love your perspective.

  3. BS – I am so sorry I missed your birthday! Hope it was a happy one. Love your blog, it’s at the top of my must read list. Keep up the incredible work.

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