When Obama Love Goes Delicious (And Possibly Too Far)

I present to you, the ChocObama.

Created by artist Manuela Zuidmeer from Rotterdam, Netherlands, this is a “life-like” chocolate sculpture of our precious Hopey McChange. The dulce Obama was originally made in the Netherlands, but is now being produced by an American chocolate company.

He comes in pure, milk and white chocolate variations. (I’m assuming to represent all his genetic backgrounds and as cover that the ChocObama is not, repeat, not racist.) You can literally taste the sweet, sweet hope filled with chocolately change goodness.

There’s something a little creepy about people eating Barack. (The above picture with the woman is both frightening and hilarious.) But as I’ve written previously, Hopey brings out the crazypants (and crazypants creativity) in people.

Also, in an effort to be bipartisan, there is a version featuring Sen. John McCain, dubbed “Sugar-Cain.” I probably won’t want to eat him because chocolate is supposed to look rich, delicious and desirable. When I look at the ChocObama I wonder what would I go for first? The nose or the ears? You know? Like with Barack as a chocolate Easter Bunny.

McCain is not known for his sweetness and, let’s face it, he’s not good looking enough or desirable enough to be immortalized in chocolate. Maybe if they made one out of young, pre-bitter old man McCain, back when he was just immature, irresponsible, screwing exotic dancers McCain.

That said, who didn’t see this one coming? Thanks to a reader in Holland, aptly code named Chocolate Overkill, for the tip! Of the sculptures she (or he) wrote, “I have to say that the Dutch love doing this sort of thing with sweets and it’s weird to us that you Americans hadn’t come up with it yet.”

Well, you do live in Europe’s chocolate region. In America, we’re more into making “controversial art” that will get your name in the papers. Like exhibits on Obama’s character assassination in the media and dubbing it “The Assassination of Barack Obama.” Or making non-chocolate, topless fake Egyptian goddess sculptures of his wife Michelle. Or making an Obama-as-Christ statue. Yeah. If it’s not whory, we Americans don’t bother. Chocolate sounds too nice and quaint and delicious. That’s simply not our tradition. We’re a nation of selfish bastards with reality shows.

That said, if any readers get the strange urge to swallow Barack whole, you can order him (or McCain if that’s what you’re into) at Candy-dates.com.

11 thoughts on “When Obama Love Goes Delicious (And Possibly Too Far)

  1. I can almost hear McCain saying, “If you want my body and you think I’m sexy, come on baby…” before he’s suddenly grabbed by a human hand and eaten. That’s a spoof of the Chips Ahoy chocolate cookie commercial, in case anyone’s thinking it’s in poor taste–no pun intended. Puleeze, no critical comments. Bad punchline and delivery.

  2. I’d like to say that I would lick the ear first then bite it, but that’ll be too lewd for the near to be President of the un-United States.

  3. This is a funny post. I laughed like hell. But it is a little creepy. There’s something seriously freaky about this, that’s probably why its going to make a rack of money. This past summer I did a little work with the DNC here in Washington, D.C, and I can tell you those young, white college girls love Barack’s dirty draws. They’re going to buy this thing, mark my words.

  4. That’s nasty, Deacon. Do they have a Michelle version in the shape of a muff? Just curious, not that I’m interested in that sort of thing, mind you. Is there an 800 number for ordering?

  5. What I can’t get over are the lame greeting cards and fugly dolls. I was actually in a huff because I was only seeing Clinton and McCain dolls in Walgreens, but I finally realized the Obama dolls were just sold out cuz I happened upon a ton of them in one latin neighborhood.

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