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I’m running late for work, but I had enough time to put up this YouTube video by Winston-Salem, NC vlogger antioch1432, “The Great Black Vote.” On YouTube he writes why he made this video.

I made this video for African-Americans in my church community. A lot of these people either wouldn’t vote, or had no interest. Even with a black candidate running they were uninspired. So, I wanted to show the struggles blacks have gone through for this moment to transpire. I’m sorry if it offends some, but we can’t deny the past. But we can definitely learn from it, and make it a positive use of our future!

Sent to me by a reader, she wrote how upon watching the compilation she cried. What do you think of the piece and the creator’s intent? Also, what do you think of his use of this beautiful Sam Cooke song released in 1963 and came to be a symbol of the Civil Rights Movement? A song I actually prefer over Marvin Gaye’s iconic “What’s Going On?”

Opinions welcome, as always.

14 thoughts on “Some Morning Inspiration

  1. This is beautiful. I am re-opening my blog today and posting this on it. Also adding it to my Facebook page. Good job antioch1432, God bless.

  2. This video brought tears to my eyes and gave me goose bumbs. When you reflect on the struggles of the past and compare it to the strides made today, it brings a strong sense of responsibilty to do something. That was a call for us as a people to wake up out of our apathy and vote, exercising the right that many men and women fought and often died for. This is a signifcant moment in our Nation’s history. I want to say to my children and my children’s children, “I did my part.” I have volunteered, I’ve donated, I and will vote November 4th.

  3. I voted in the primary and I’m voting next week, and I will have my mother fill out her mail-in ballot at that time because I know the importance of voting. I think anyone in my generation or older should have a strong memory of the images in the video. I viewed countless scenes such as these while growing up and since I’ve been an adult. And every year, I make it a point to review our history and struggles with these retrospectives, particularly around MLK’s birthday. I’m old enough to remember the National Guard coming into my neighborhood after King was assassinated, when we were ordered to go into our homes because of widespread rioting. I was just a scared child back then, not really understanding what was going on. After one violent night, I walked down my street and I saw all of these Jewish stores and businesses completely burned down. I won’t forget that. I think perhaps some black church-goers see a futility in voting and believe it’s all in God’s hands now. I can relate to some of their sentiments because I think they’re right on certain points.

  4. That was beautiful. I didn’t feel sad at all, I felt very proud of what those who came before us sacrificed for us to have what we do now. Like draven7 said, I can remember some of that history by living it. Things that can never be erased and make up who you are today.I was proud to take my middle son up to register to vote for his first presidential election. More so it made me feel I had “done good” in raising him to know his rights as an American citizen. He’s very excited about being able to vote. I’m not xtian, but I believe it’s said that god helps those who help themselves, no? Barack Obama won’t get into the white house on faith alone. Votes will do most of the work there.I may have to appropriate that video myself…

  5. I completely forgot your question, Snob. While the Sam Cooke song was nice, I can think of several songs that would have made a better soundtrack for the video, such as “Ball of Confusion” by Temptations, Edwin Starr’s “War” and Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy, Mercy me” (the Ecology song). When I see protest images of the ’60s, I hear these gritty, urban songs playing in my mind.

  6. I thought the Sam Cook song fit perfectly for this piece and for the history that’s being made. Every time it is played I thank God for giving our people the courage, strength and wisdom to bring us thus far. I do believe Obama’s victory is inevitable.

  7. I have to clarify myself. The songs I suggested DO NOT match the tempo of the video. The Cooke song fits it fine. I’m sure everyone has a soundtrack going in their heads about a period that they lived through. I was definitely thinking of a specific certain civil rights era, circa 1968. My song selections are not within the context of slavery and lynching. Truthfully, I can’t think of any other song that’s as slow and sad as the Cooke song. And I have way too much free time.

  8. It's funny, I had been contemplating making a video montage using this song and images from both the Civil Rights movement & the Obama campaign, but now I see I don't have to. This one is what I would have made if I had the time. It's beautiful and moving. I have a deep respect & appreciation for what antioch1432 has done, having made video montages myself and knowing just how time-consuming they are, especially when you want to make them well. Thanks so much for sharing this video on your blog. I will definitely pass it on!

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