Michelle On the TV! Did You Watch?

If you didn’t … watch now!

First on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:

One, Michelle Obama watches “The Dick Van Dyke Show?” And what oldie but goodie network does that still come on? Two, Stewart actually went pretty easy on Michelle, delicate even. He must really like her (or respect her position). I haven’t seen him be that ginger with a guest in a long time. And he really hit on the whole “running for first lady” aspect in the campaign and got in some good jokes. Like poking fun that Michelle could vote for McCain if her husband doesn’t present a healthcare plan she doesn’t like. But this was more like a casual conversation than an interview. I think her interaction with Stephen Colbert was funnier because he went there, and actually sort of, comedically hit on her. Then sang to her.

See, watch the old Colbert Report interview and notice the squirmy difference.

Still respectful, but bizarrely funny. Either way, Michelle looked smashing in both interviews and continued to demonstrate why people are interested in her. I wonder when Cindy McCain or Todd “First Dude” Palin is going to hit the talk show circuit?

Oh, that’s right. NEVER. I’ve never seen people in a campaign FOR PRESIDENT, mind you, so camera askance. I doubt either Colbert or Stewart would be testy with Cindy or the First Dude. As for Sarah Punky Brewster and Johnny Mac McCain, they should stay the hell away. They would get chopped down like wood.

Then on Larry King Live on CNN:

Fashion opinion? The suit worn on The Daily Show was very similar to one I’ve seen her wear on the stump (only it was pants, not a skirt). It was a nice, crisp suit, conservative, with lovely white pearls adorning her neck, but not as incredibly hot as the outfit she wore on Colbert. She looked fierce during that interview, albeit a tad nervous. And she was a little nervous on Stewart’s show, but you never know where a comic is going. It’s understandable to be a little leery. The outfit on Larry King was better because that woman owns the color purple more than Alice Walker. And I loved the pin. Fierce, I tell you. The woman is fierce.

9 thoughts on “Michelle On the TV! Did You Watch?

  1. Feathers are big this season and that pin is hella fierce. I’ll bet she has folk just randomly sending her pins. The market in those things is going to explode. Man, she’s luscious in purple. I painted my toenails purple in honor of her. (Not really, the color is just pretty.) I thought I wanted her dress for the inauguration to be white, but now I’m reconsidering. Either one would be incredible with her skin tone.

  2. That’s my future FLOTUS! She’s so classy… that is what made me love that flowered dress from the debates that people didn’t like. Her class ALONE can carry her anyway. She’s a real lady.I actually bought a big, silk, purple flower pin a week ago. I’m going to slap it on this weekend even if it doesn’t match with what I have on in honor of Michelle. :o)

  3. One, Michelle Obama watches “The Dick Van Dyke Show?” And what oldie but goodie network does that still come on?If she watches it here in Chicago, she must be watching <A HREF="http://www.metvchicago.com/“ REL=”nofollow”>MeTV or MeToo, our two local retro tv stations. They are the stations I watch when I'm not watching "The Daily Show" & "The Colbert Report."

  4. I think these interviews really help to improve her reputation to voters. To many people already, Michelle is an extraordinarily intelligent, talented and kind woman, unlike the harsh image that others have tried to project unto her. More and more people will see her for what she truly is–friendly and engaging.

  5. I’m about to watch the re-run of M.O on the Daily show now.I saw the First Lady on Larry King last night, she does wear the purple well( oh, and yeah: I’m claiming her as first lady now. Creative visualization and all)Deedlelee

  6. AOW!Tiffany beat me to it. I was soooooooooooo thinking the same thing last night like WHO watches the Dick Van Dyke Show and I remember, Channel 23 back in da Chi. Yup yup MeTV plays its faithfully during the weekdays at 7pm Central.Right after The Bernie Mac Show.RIP!!!

  7. Notice how respectfully they all treated her? Very nice indeed.She better wear purple to the Inaugural Ball. Maybe a nice deep purple suit to the swearing in too (and I will be there for that one) so I can see her from where I’ll be standing waaaayyy back in the crowd.

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