Extreme Obama: Baby Bumps for Obama!

8 thoughts on “Extreme Obama: Baby Bumps for Obama!

  1. Yay, baby bumps! 🙂 How creative. I’ve had a smiley face, a pumpkin, and other random paintings on my baby bumps. But never had the honor of having Obama’s emblem of hope and change on there.What’s next? Maybe I don’t wanna know. LOL!

  2. am i the only one who thinks people are taking things a little bit too far? first it was black folk with the bedazzled “yes we can” t-shirts and the hair cuts and now white folk have lost their minds with putting the the “o” sign on their bellies. it seems like we’re all just a little to happy for our own good considering we’ve still got a month until election day. not trying to be a downer but just trying to be real. a lot can happen between now and nov. 4.

  3. i bet the mccain/palin team will be pissed off they didn’t think of this when they trotted the pregnant bristol…

  4. @the dondiva:Yeah, I see what you’re saying. A LOT can happen in the next 4 weeks (less than that now). But, I guess I’m projecting. I’m putting my positive vibes out into the universe. Positivity is good! I’m hoping all the positive energy reaches the polls…

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