Quick Observations About Last Night’s Debate

1) Not a game changer. Barack Obama more than handled his own. He dunked on his opponent multiple times and got him back for the “You don’t understand” comment and murdered him with incriminations. John McCain was good, but not good enough to take out his opponent in his “so-called” best format. Once again, bad for McCain.

2) The format was terrible and Tom Brokaw came off rather snippy. It seemed unfair that candidates often were given the chance to respond to what the other said. I think that made both Obama and John McCain testy and rightful so.

3) Obama’s answer to “what don’t you know” was an adorable dodge, saying Michelle could tell all the things Barack doesn’t know. She looked gorgeous by the way. More on her in another thread.

4) Obama was even better on the foreign policy side this time. Better than McCain who seemed to become more and more frustrated in lackluster as the debate went on.

5) All McCain’s jokes bombed.

6) McCain called Barack “that one” which discuss who voted for what. It doesn’t matter. It’s rather patronizing to refer to black people as things rather than people. I don’t think he did it on purpose, but it was poor form.

7) As I though, McCain didn’t go kamikaze on Barack in the way his running mate has. I don’t think McCain is fully committed to the dirt he has to do to win and that’s an interesting conflict. Politico discussed it Wednesday.

8) After the debate, Barack and Michelle lingered around for more than 15 minutes, shaking hands, making small talk and posing for pictures with the voters. John and Cindy McCain bolted as soon as the debate was over with. Also, if anyone noticed, Cindy shook Barack’s hand, but not McCain who barely acknowledged him and patted his shoulder. I think John was really frustrated, knowing that he didn’t do anything to change the campaign in his favor. He’s really struggling. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m rooting for the other guy, I’d feel sorry for him.

9) Obama won the debate, handidly, because McCain was so dull.

More later on this, but what did you think?

PS. More updates later today in the afternoon. I have to go to work. Also, it’s my birthday today. I’m 31.

70 thoughts on “Quick Observations About Last Night’s Debate

  1. Happy Birthday young Lady!My best friend was saying how she didn’t think McCain really means any insult to Obama, that he doesn’t know better. I told her that he’s an OLD white man, he DOES know what he’s saying and he knows DAMN well what his running mate is doing. I could almost (but not really) feel sorry for how his age and his health are clearly affecting him, but then I remember he’s an OLD white man who also calls his wife a c*. I have no sympathy. At all.Let the young man, yeah “that one” step up and drive.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!Great observations; Michelle I agree looked gorgeous as usual.McCain came off as a grumpy, old, and bitter man that didn’t want to share the stage with Barack.Oh yeah unless I had the wrong angle Cindy didn’t shake Michelle’s hand either…

  3. Happy Birthday! 🙂 Hope you enjoy it and eat cake. <—weird thing to say but I can't help it because I LOVE cake!I didn't watch. I didn't fall asleep at the controls, I just couldn't bring myself to watch it. I always watch the recaps and do the Youtube thing the next day. Obama did good.They stayed behind and mingled because they genuinely want to mingle with the American people. The McCain's had to go because well, frankly, I don't think they give a rat's ass about us. I think John McCain cares more about not losing… especially to a black man. Yeah. I said it.

  4. Hey Snob. Happy Birthday! It’s my birthday too – 10/8/71. No wonder I like you so much. Again thanks for the great commentary. Just to be fair though, John Mc did shake Barack’s hand right after the debate when they were standing in the center of the stage in the way of Tom Brokaw’s teleprompter. As for the debate, I think that was game, set and match and it’s all over but for the trophy ceremony and touching speeches.

  5. I watched the debate last night. Nobody scored a knock-out and no one gave any real specifics on questions asked. That said, Obama was the winner. He was better versed on economy; the primary item on everyone’s mind. He showed himself presidential, calm, and unflappable. McCain came across as a cranky and skeevy old man who didn’t have the energy to walk from his chair to the audience and back. I didn’t perceive his “that one” comment so much as racist as I did something a crotchety old guy would say.Cindy McCain impresses me as a younger Nancy Reagan – she’d rather be emperoress, will settle for first lady, but she has to interact with the unwashed masses to accomplish it. She’s probably pissed at John for missing Paris fashion week to pander to voters.One more debate to go. Just how desperate will McCain’s act get before then.Bourgietopia

  6. Damn, how could I forget??!! Happy Birthday, Snob!! I’ll be in line and spreading the word when the book of your observations is published.Bourgietopia

  7. Happy b-day!I thought Obama won the debate easily, but like you said, not a game-changer. I'm still trippin over "that one".Tom Brokaw did seem annoyed pretty much the whole time. & McCain really should stay away from jokes.Tweety said McCain said "my friends" 22 times last night. Besides "maverick", that is the phrase I hate the most.That part with Michelle (she's on Larry King Live and TDS tonight!) was cute. She looked very nice too. The McCain's were definitely ready to get out of there.

  8. I was really getting annoyed at how people keep misspelling Obama’s first name, so I decided to correct everybody. Then I found out that I was spelling it wrong all the time. I was writing “Barak” when it should be “Barack.” It never occurred to me to add a “C.” This spelling looks so doofus to me, whereas mine seems more Arabic. Anyway, my bad. I’ll practice spelling it BARACK.

  9. Great analysis! Even Leslie Sanchez had to (finally!)admit that McCain did not do what he was supposed to do last night. The more exposure Obama gets nationally, the more his popularity increases…McCain can’t outdo Obama in elocution. Happy Birthday!

  10. As the O Man said during his campaign stop today – McCain can’t confront him to his face. And Michelle O was on Larry King. Her graciousness, her poise, her intelligence really shines through. She is going to be an excellent First Lady!! I guess if they can speak to the Clintons they can deal with McLame, Barbie and the Rodeo Queen.

  11. Even Castellanos thought Obama won it easy. Anderson Cooper gave him a bit of a hard time over that. He also picked at Carville for that random “whet the fire, call in the dogs” (or whatever it was) quote. Oh, pundit humor. I found myself feeling bad for McCain, too, actually. I truly don’t want that man anywhere near the White House but he looked so despondent towards the end of the debate that I felt real pity for him.Happy Birthday (left you a comment on Facebook, too). And darn you for being younger than me! ;)-nicole g

  12. Happy birthday! Michelle looked great as always, but I have trouble with that all-red look as Nancy Reagan as First Wife really owns it. SInce Cindy wore that deep cold purplish blue, their outfits definitely seemed color-coordinated. However, I think Michelle would really rock that particular blue given how terrific she looked in the purple dress.

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